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Obsession with love essay

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Obsession with love essay

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moscow essay INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF. RUSSIAN STUDIE S. RIVALRY BETWEEN MOSCOW AND ST PETERSBURG – THE CONTRASTING IDEOLOGIES OF CONSERVATISM AND WESTERNISM IN RUSSIA EMBODIED IN THE TWO CAPITALS. This paper argues that the two capitals of Russia, namely Moscow and St Petersburg, have each played a unique and defining role in the birth and development of the obsession with love essay ideologies of Westernisation and conservatism in Russia. With their distinctive characters and ways of life, the two cities have constituted two poles in Russian political history as well as literature and art. Calculus. This paper tries to give the reader a brief picture of both cities from an with, architectural, cultural, historical and above all political and ideological perspective. Thus, in an attempt to explore the different roles the list research paper two cities have played in Russian political history, the paper takes a brief look at the history and dynamics that shaped the obsession with love distinctive ideologies of the two capitals.

Finally, the paper tries to make a clear identification and comparison of the character and roles of the two capitals in Russian political life and history. Key Words: Moscow, St Petersburg, Autocracy, Conservatism, Moscow-Third Rome, Petrine Revolution, Westernisation, Slavophilism. There is no doubt that Moscow and St Petersburg are among the most popular tourist destinations in the world today. The two capitals of Russia, with their outstanding beauty and rich history, attract millions of tourists every year from economic all over the world. No place better represents Russia than Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad). Essay. Its name comes from the word “krasnyi”, which once meant “beautiful”, and has only come to mean “red” in the contemporary Russian language. The name became official in the middle of the essays 17th century; previously it had been Trinity Square. [1]

Trinity Cathedral, which is often known as the predecessor of St Basil’s, gave its name to the square. It was also known as “Fire Square”, due to the number of fires that swept away “medieval Moscow”. There is also a myth that it was named “red” because of the bloody executions that were publicly held in the square. Whatever its name means, one can witness thousands of years of history walking the brick road of this plaza, which was long used by the Kremlin for celebrations and especially military parades. The “Teatralnaya Ploshchad”, or Theater Square, which is located near Red Square, hosts the world-famous “Bolshoi Theater” and t he lesser known “ Maly Theater”. Obsession Essay. Walking south-west, you reach “Okhotny Ryad” to “Manezhnaya Ploshchad”, or Manezh Square.

The square centres on the statue of Marshall Zhukov, the heroic commander of the Red Army in the Second World War. The former Central Lenin Museum [2] provides the background. Entering Red Square through the Resurrection Gate, you see Kazan Cathedral on your left . The amazing State History Museum is located at the north end of the square. The enormous, elaborate facade occupying the east side of the square is the State Department Store, better known as GUM. The mighty towers of the Kremlin dominate the west side of the square. Lenin’s Mausoleum, which is located near the centre of the Square, is still open for visitors.

At the far end of Red Square, the colourful confusion of onion domes and tent peaks is the Cathedral of St Basil the Blessed , the hermann 16th-century church that is probably Moscow’s most recognisable sight. The original name of the church is the Intercession of the Virgin Cathedral, named for the feast day on with love which the army of Ivan IV the Terrible captured the city of traduire en espagnol, Kazan in obsession, 1552. One chapel was built over the grave of research paper, Vasily (Basil) the Blessed, whose name has stuck for obsession with essay, the whole church. From here you can continue strolling south to list abbreviations the Moscow River for fabulous views of the gold domes of the Kremlin churches rising up over the red brick walls. The so-called Seven Sisters are perhaps the most recognisable contributions of the obsession love Stalinist period to the city.

Seven massive skyscrapers scattered throughout the city at about an equal distance from the Kremlin still echo the Communist past of Russia. St Petersburg, the undisputed cultural capital of research paper, Russia, is obsession essay often referred to as the “Venice of the North” with its beautiful canals, bridges and architecture. Homework Help. The city was intentionally planned and built by Peter the obsession love essay Great (1672-1725) as the development dissertation window of Russia to the West. Since its foundation, St Petersburg pioneered the idea of “Westernisation” and became a fortress of its supporters. The location of the new capital — where the essay Neva River meets the Baltic Sea — also symbolised the liberation of Russia from its obsolete traditions and revealed the list abbreviations research process of the “Russian awakening”.

St Petersburg was created not only by architects, but by poets. Russia’s new capital [3] became an inspiration for the works of the greatest poets of Russia, from Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin to Marina Tsvetaeva. Russia’s greatest poet, Pushkin, drew a marvellous image of with essay, this beautiful city in his famous narrative poem “ - The Bronze Horseman” (1833): , , , [4] I love you, work of traduire essayer, Peter, I love your sober and harmonious outlook. Pushkin’s poem further describes how Peter the Great decided to “cut a window on Europe”. . [5]

Here nature instructs us, To cut a window on Europe. Today, St Petersburg still remains Russia’s “window to the West”. It is obsession love a common observation that far more English is spoken here than in Moscow, and St Petersburgers have a more welcoming attitude towards tourists. St Petersburg is often considered compact and calm compared to urban and noisy Moscow. The Nevsky Prospekt features the best architecture of the list research city.

Standing on the Troitsky Bridge, one can see a great panoramic view of the city, where reflections of the palaces and main buildings shimmer on the Neva River. On the other side of the Neva is located the Peter and Paul Fortress, which was built to defend the city and was later used as a prison. The magnificent spire of the obsession love Peter and Paul Cathedral with its winged angel blessing the list research paper city constitutes a great composition with the fortress and the Neva River. Along the left bank of the Neva there is a line of palaces culminating in the royal Romanov Winter Palace, which is currently home to obsession love the world-famous Hermitage Museum. Homework. The museum not only offers the most famous masterpieces of painters such as Rembrandt, da Vinci and Matisse, but also displays magnificent ballrooms and throne rooms, reminders of the days of with essay, imperial life. The museum offers such a grand collection of paintings that if a visitor stops in front of every exhibit for at least 30 seconds, a tour of the entire collection would take more than seven years (given an ado essay, eight-hour viewing day). The beautiful Palace Square in front of the Hermitage features the Alexander Column. It was near the Senate building where the rebel Decembrists faced the firing squads of the Emperor in 1825.

At night, St Isaac’s Cathedral and the Senate building offer a magnificent view in the beams of projectors. The famous monument of Peter the Great, “the Bronze Horseman”, stands as a symbol of the city, reminding its viewers of Pushkin’s unforgettable poem. If you take a walk near the essay Neva at dawn, you will see the 13 beautiful drawbridges of Petersburg lifting up their hands to economic development the heavens while beneath them slide vessels. Obsession Love Essay. Crossing the Moika Canal one can reach the calculus Yusupov Palace, where Grigory Rasputin was murdered. The bridge across the Griboyedov Canal offers a perfect view of Kazan Cathedral, which reminds visitors of a small-scaled version of obsession essay, St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. One of the most beautiful cathedrals of much questions, Saint Petersburg, the Saviour-on-the-Blood, was erected on the spot where Russian Emperor Alexander II was murdered on 1 March 1881. Petrodvorets (Peter’s Palace), t he Anichkov Bridge across the Fontanka Canal with Pytor Klodt’s four famous sculptures — wild horses with their tamers — adorning its four corners, the Mariinsky Theatre, Vasilievsky Island, the Old St Petersburg Stock Exchange between the Rostral Columns, Mikhailov Gardens, and the classical Russian Museum are only some of the countless beauties that “the city of with love, white nights” offers. This bright and lively Petersburg gives a completely different picture than Fyodor Dostoevsky’s image of much ado essay, Petersburg. In his masterpiece Crime and with, Punishment , Dostoevsky describes the city from the eyes of the hero of his novel, Raskolnikov.

Dostoevsky’s Petersburg is a terrible, cold, merciless and suffocating city where lonely souls are lost inside the crowds. It is a city that kills the good inside and much questions, liberates evil from obsession with essay its chains. Dostoevsky’s criticism of Petersburg is not the sole example in Russian literature and political thought. The rivalry between the two capitals of Russia, Moscow and Petersburg, has often been materialised in the works of famous writers. Gogol was perhaps the foremost among them.

Being the poles of the longstanding dispute between Slavophilism and traduire en espagnol, Westernism, the two cities’ contrasting personalities have been apparent in their social composition, cultural outlook and even architectural styles. This great difference of atmosphere between the with love essay two cities is easily sensed by visitors. The two capitals, each playing its own role in Russian history and political thought, demonstrate the two different faces of Russia. In an attempt to identify the differences of character between the two cities, this paper will examine the reasons for the division of homework, roles of the two capitals of Russia. The Birth of with love essay, Moscow. Archaeological evidence indicates that the territory that is now Moscow has been occupied since the Neolithic epoch. The oldest settlements, dated at three thousand years before our era, were discovered within the area of the present-day city. In the 8th and 9th centuries Slavic tribes started to occupy areas near the Moskva River. These were the tribes of the Kryvichi and Vjatichi, who are regarded as the kernel of the future Moscow population. The first reference to “the village of Moscow” was made in an old Russian manuscript of 1147. In 1156, Prince Yuri Vladimirovich Dolgoruky erected timber walls on the present-day site of the Kremlin . He is essays regarded as the founder of the city of Moscow. [6] His monument, which is located near Tverskaya Street, is among the city’s most visited touristic attractions.

Surrounding forest belt provided the city a limited degree of protection from the invaders. Its unique location adjacent to several rivers also helped it to obsession become a trade centre. Hermann Hesse. From the 10th to the 13th centuries, Kievan Rus’ [7] (Russia of Kiev) was the dominant figure of the Russian land, and it was well-integrated into the medieval economic system. The Tartar (or Tatar) invasion, which resumed in 1237 and with, lasted more than 250 years, tore Russia away from the ado essay questions West. The invasion, facilitated by the breakup of Kievan Rus ’, was followed by the division of the East Slavic people into three separate nations: modern day Russia , Ukraine and Belarus . Despite having devastating consequences for Kievan Rus’, the Tartar rule played an important role in the rise of with, Moscow and subsequently the Russian Empire . Moscow became the seat of the grand dukes of Vladimir-Suzdal (1271), who later assumed the title of grand dukes of Moscow. By 1325, Moscow’s princes obtained the sole right to rule over the Russian territories and collect tribute for the Golden Horde . During the rule of Dmitri Donskoi , the first stone walls of the Kremlin were built (1367). With its location at much ado essay the crossroads of obsession with love essay, trade routes and its leadership in the struggle against the Tatar rule, “ Muscovy” gradually achieved dominance over the neighbouring principalities. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church relocated to Moscow in the 14th century in recognition of the city’s growing authority.

The Prince of Moscow, Ivan III, rolled back the Tatar invaders , following which the city became the capital of the expanding Muscovite state. By the 15th century Moscow became the capital of the Russian national state, and in 1547 Grand Duke Ivan IV became the first to assume the title of Tsar. The Moscow Kremlin, which was built in the beginning of the 15th century, is a benchmark of that epoch. During the period of list research, expansion, the young state was thrown into chaos when Ivan IV passed away without leaving an heir. In the obsession love essay ensuing power struggle, the country was invaded by several foreign armies before the Russian people were able once again to gain control of Moscow and elect a new Tsar, marking the beginning of the economic development dissertation Romanov dynasty (1613–1917). During the reign of Peter the Great, there was strong progress in the arts and sciences in Moscow, and in Russia as a whole. In 1703 the first printed newspaper appeared ( Vedomosti ), and in 1755 Moscow University was opened. The large-scale growth of manufacturing in Moscow during the 17th century, which necessitated an outlet to the sea, was instrumental in Peter’s decision to build St Petersburg on obsession love essay the Baltic. The capital was transferred to traduire en espagnol St Petersburg in 1712, but Moscow’s cultural and social life continued uninterrupted and the city remained Russia’s religious centre. Following the Battle of with, Borodino in August of 1812, Moscow was left to en espagnol Napoleon’s troops. Obsession Love Essay. [8] However, before the arrival of the French in the city, it was burnt by the Moscovites [9] almost entirely.

Fires and hunger forced the French army to leave Moscow. [10] After the liberation of the city, a commission was authorised for the reconstruction of Moscow. The present-day appearance of the Moscow city centre is rooted in essayer en espagnol, those times. Thus, the Alexandrov Garden and Theatre Square appeared with the Bolshoi and Maly theatres, as well as the buildings of Manezh and the First Gradskaya hospital. Towards the obsession end of the 19th century it became the second industrial centre in hermann hesse essays, Russia (after St Petersburg), partially due to the rapid growth of obsession with love, railway communication. The first telegraph line was constructed in 1852, connecting the two Russian capitals. The first telephone lines were organised between Moscow and Petersburg in essayer, the late 1890s. The 19th century is considered as the golden age for arts and science, and Moscow was the intellectual birthplace of many famous Russian artists, writers like Pushkin, Gogol’, Tolstoi, Chekhov and Herzen. The 19th century also marked the development of the Slavophile movement, whose “holy” centre was Moscow. The process of rapid industrialisation and the formation of the obsession love essay labour class helped the communistic ideas of Karl Marx to spread among the homework help working classes and intelligentsia in Moscow.

The Krasnaya Presnya rebellion of 1905 and the July strikes of 1914 were the important milestones in the revolutionary process, which was finalised by the “Great October” Revolution of 1917. In 1918 the Soviet government, headed by V. Lenin, transferred the with essay capital back to Moscow and fostered spectacular economic growth in the city. The Soviet Union was announced on 30 December 1922 by economic development dissertation, the All-Russia Communist Party of Bolsheviks (VKPB) with Moscow as its capital. During World War II, Moscow was the goal of the obsession with love German offensive. The German troops were stopped only traduire essayer 35–40 kilometres (near today’s Sheremetyevo Airport) from the city’s centre. Moscow’s architecture changed drastically with the construction of Soviet-style blocs to answer the increasing need for housing. The most active construction process took place during the rule of Nikita Khrushchev in the 1960s. These small-sized flats, which are often referred to as “Xrushovki” in with love, the Russian language, were constructed quickly to meet the essayer urgent demand and are, therefore, far from being beautiful or diverse. Due to inadequate public funds, Moscow’s infrastructure suffered after the 1991 demise of the Soviet Union.

In the late 1990s many ambitious reconstruction projects were launched and Moscow experienced a real-estate boom. Today, with its gigantic size, huge population and obsession, unbearable traffic jams, Moscow is ado essay questions considered one of the most expensive metropolises of the obsession with love world. Muscovite Russia – The Centre of Autocracy and Absolutism. The political evolution of hermann hesse, Russia has occurred in an opposite direction compared to that of the West due to with love geographic, political and cultural reasons. After the conquest of tagalog essay ko buhay, Siberia, the borders of Russia were extended vastly, covering an immense territory and making her the largest kingdom on earth in the 17th century. This vast territory was exposed to the threat of Mongol and Turkic tribes. These conditions created a suitable environment for love essay, the development and tungkol, justification of the concept of “ autocracy” in Russia. This feeling of insecurity led in Muscovite Russia to the development of a “military dictatorship”. The entire Russian nation consisted of serfs: the development of essay, a privileged aristocracy and a class of self-governing burghers was impeded.

The absence of private property led to the complete concentration of power in the hands of Russia’s rulers. Dissertation. Until the 19th century, Muscovite Russian cities were mainly made up of rural populations engaged in obsession with essay, agriculture and homework calculus, lacking powers of self-government. The consequence of these conditions in medieval Russia was the absence of an with essay, independent nobility and private property. Thus, the lack of these two key institutions, which served to limit the powers of much ado essay questions, kings in the West, helped the Russian rulers to essay consolidate their absolute power. Another contributing factor to hesse the rise of an extreme form of autocracy was the Orthodox religion. With. Byzantine dogma held politics to be the responsibility of the rulers and this helped the emergence in Russia of a form of monarchy that, in its powers, exceeded anything known in homework help calculus, the West even in the age of absolutism. European travellers to Muscovy perceived its rulers as possessing unlimited authority and disregarding private property rights.

The Russian monarchy emerged as a sovereign power in the second half of the 15th century. Until then, Russian rulers had been vassals of both Byzantium and of the Mongol-Tartar Golden Horde. The capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453 ended Russia’s dependence on the Byzantine Empire. Obsession With Love Essay. Shortly afterward, the Golden Horde fell apart. As a result, by 1480, in the reign of Ivan III, the rulers of Muscovy could claim, at traduire en espagnol first cautiously and with love, then boldly, the title of “samoderzhets”, a translation of the Greek “autokrates”, which meant sovereign: that is, a ruler dependent of any external power. Abbreviations Paper. The term “Tsar”, an obsession with, adaptation of much, Caesar, now also began to gain currency: it was formally adopted in 1547. [11] During the century that followed, the rulers of Muscovy came to claim imperial prerogatives on love the grounds that they were the tagalog essay world’s only Orthodox sovereigns and, as such, the world’s only true Christian rulers. However, from the 1470s onward, Russia’s rulers were also addressed by obsession love essay, another term, one which survived until 1917: “gosudar”, commonly translated as “sovereign”.

This terminology provides a clue to the patrimonial nature of economic development dissertation, emergent Russian absolutism. Once they had shaken off Mongol domination, the rulers of Moscow suddenly became sovereigns. They considered their realm as patrimonial property, property inherited from their fathers, for which Russians used the term “votchina”. Thus, it comes as no surprise that both Ivan III (1440–1505) and his son Basil III (1479–1533), like Ivan I before them, continued to with love refer to Muscovy as their “patrimony” (votchina). [12] During the abbreviations reigns of Ivan III, Basil III and Ivan IV, neither privileged status nor private property were tolerated. Thus, the with love kind of much ado essay, aristocracy seen in Western Europe could not be created. The Boyar Duma (1547-1711), often referred to as “the boyars”, was a royal council. Its officials were invited by the Tsar.

The Duma was not able to love essay take the initiative to convene and it dealt only with matters that were submitted by the Tsar himself. In sum, the Duma was unable to limit the help calculus authority of the Tsars. The “Zemskie sobory”, or Land Assemblies, which are considered to have been founded in 1549 or 1550, were also unable to restrain the Muscovite rulers. Love. The majority of their deputies were government officials appointed by the crown. Their sole purpose was to strengthen the government’s control over the provinces. Much Ado Essay. Thus, the Assemblies never became politically influential institutions like their European counterparts. Love Essay. In this patrimonial state, the monarchs were free to legislate and hermann essays, were confronted by neither private property nor established social estates, which, by their existence, set limits to authority. The Birth of the Conservative Ideology: Muscovy – The Third Rome. In the love essay 330s, Emperor Constantine deserted the Tiber for the Bosphorus and built there a “New Rome”, which became the centre of the seven ecumenical councils and the home of the Orthodox emperors and patriarchs. [13] In line with the decision of the Council of traduire essayer en espagnol, Constantinople held in 381, the Byzantines themselves actually regarded their state as the obsession love “New Rome”.

For over a thousand years, the “New Rome” dedicated itself to the duty of preserving three great heritages: the classical Greek, imperial Rome and the church fathers. During that time the empire and the church became so inextricably interrelated that the clergy could not imagine Christianity without the emperor. A corollary of this was the concept that the empire must endure as long as Christianity itself. [14] In search of Western military assistance against the Ottoman threat, Byzantium agreed at the Council of Florence-Ferrara in development, 1439 to rejoin the Catholic Church. Thus, the primacy of the Pope was acknowledged and all doctrinal issues dividing the two churches were conceded by the Byzantium. This accord was denied and considered as a betrayal of faith by the Russian Orthodox Church. According to Orthodox theology, there could be no Christian church without a secular power to protect it and enforce its teachings; there had to be a “Third Rome” with its own emperor. When Constantinople was conquered in 1453 by the Ottomans, Russia remained the only rightful claimant to the status of Third Rome. [15] This notion, in turn, led to the development of the theory of Moscow - The Third Rome formulated apparently sometime in the 1530s by the monk Filofei (Philotheus). Obsession With Love. [16] Filofei articulated his theory in one terse sentence: “Dva Rima padosha, a tretii stoit, a chetvertom ne byti”: “Two Romes have fallen, the third stands, and a fourth there will not be.” [17] Implicit in that statement was the belief that Russia was destined to rule the world and that the Russian Tsar was the ko buhay ruler of all humanity.

The responsibility of preserving the world’s cultural heritage was now on the shoulders of Muscovy. With. Even in the 19th century, this religious mission remained one of the main springs of Pan-Slavist thinking. With the preparation of The Book of Degrees of the Royal Genealogy ( Stepennaia kniga ) by Metropolitan Macarius [18] in 1560–1563, Ivan IV was presented as the legitimate heir of the Roman and Byzantine emperors. With the support of the tagalog essay tungkol ko buhay Church, the Russian rulers were now endowed with unrestrained power and the Church itself came under the full authority and control of the Tsars. The rulers of essay, Moscow appointed the highest of dignitaries and removed them at will. This voluntary subordination of the hesse essays Russian Church to the state led to the bureaucratisation of the obsession essay clergy and spared Russia the kind of struggle between the ecclesiastical and secular authorities that had afflicted Catholic Europe through much of the Middle Ages. The highly bureaucratised Russian Church also became hostile to all independent religious thought and condemned all sorts of independent thinking.

Thus, at much ado essay questions the beginning of her new autonomous existence, Muscovy was given a sharp thrust towards conservatism and an admonition to love essay watch warily against perverting influences from the outside, especially from hermann hesse essays Western Europe. [19] St Petersburg – Russia’s Window to Europe. The name of St Petersburg has been changed three times in history due to the changing political climate in Russia. However, the love city is much questions still called simply “Peter” by its residents. Petersburg did not grow up like other towns. Neither commerce nor geopolitics can account for its development. Rather, it was built as a work of art. Petersburg was conceived as a composition of natural elements – water, stone and sky. Amsterdam and Venice were early inspirations for the layout of the palace-lined canals and embankments. Peter the Great was eclectic in with essay, his architectural tastes and borrowed what he liked from Europe’s capitals.

The austere classical baroque style of Petersburg’s churches, which set them apart from much Moscow’s brightly coloured onion domes, was a mixture of with love, St Paul’s cathedral in London, St Peter’s in Rome and the single-spired churches of Riga, in what is now Latvia. [20] Important capitals of Europe like London, Paris or Vienna were built over several centuries with the accumulation of a great heritage, tradition and culture, reflecting different styles of diverse periods. However, Petersburg was completed within only fifty years and according to one single set of principles. According to Orlando Figes, St Petersburg was more than a city. It was a vast, almost utopian, project of cultural engineering to reconstruct the list abbreviations research paper Russian as a European man. Obsession With. [21] For Dostoyevsky, it was the “most abstract and hesse, intentional city in the whole round world”. [22] In fact, every detail of the city was intentionally designed for the refusal of “medieval Muscovy” and to compel the Russians to adopt a more European way of life. As Peter conceived it, to become a citizen of Petersburg was to leave behind the “dark” and “backward” customs of the Russian past in Moscow and to enter, as a European Russian, the modern Western world of progress and enlightenment. [23] Laying the basis of with, a modern European state, Peter did not forget the development noble class. By establishing a Table of Ranks, which ordered the nobles hierarchically according to their offices, he turned all nobles into servants of the Crown. He also allowed commoners to be given noble status for their service to the state. Thus, Peter’s new aristocracy was defined entirely by obsession with love, its position in the civil and tagalog ko buhay, military service, and rights and privileges were set accordingly.

The obsessive regulations introduced by Peter and the “obligatory imitation” of the European way of life gave St Petersburg the image of a hostile and oppressive place. Criticism of with, St Petersburg as a threat to hesse the Russian way of life started to play a central role in Russian literature. This criticism was above all seen in Gogol’s novels. Gogol’s Petersburg was a cold and cruel city with lonely, haunted figures. [24] In Dostoevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment (1866), it was the home of criminals and obsession love, murderers like Raskolnikov. [25] The northern capital was an insular world teeming with ambition, where politics, culture and social life were inseparable and list research paper, a careless remark could make or break a career. With Love Essay. The city was, as Peter had intended, Russia’s “window to Europe”. Help Calculus. Diplomats and emigres played important roles in the society. Ethnic non-Russians filled the upper reaches of obsession essay, government; there were also European tutors and governesses, foreign-language newspapers, Catholic and Protestant churches and essays, foreign scholars in the Imperial Academy of Sciences; finally, many foreign merchants and well-travelled Russian naval officers lived in obsession love, the empire’s largest port city. Its location, its European architecture and its Germanic name further strengthened its identity as a bridge between Russia and Europe. [26] Looking from the architectural perspective, St Petersburg’s characteristic was a perfect synthesis of the Italian and Russian baroque styles. The harmonious network of avenues, squares, canals and parks, which were mostly planned and built by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, gave an architectural unity to the city.

Water, through the perfectly designed canals and essayer, the Neva River, added lightness to the heavy baroque style and movement to the buildings set along its edge. While the golden spire of the obsession essay Admiralty became the topographical centre of the city, Falconet’s equestrian statute of Peter the Great, The Bronze Horseman, became the “new emblem” of Russia’s destiny. Rivalry between Moscow and St Petersburg: A Comparison of the Distinct. Characters of the Two Cities. A) Architectural Distinctions. As St Petersburg was intentionally built for the sole purpose of forcing the economic development Russians to adopt the European way of obsession with essay, life, its architecture also resembled an adoption of the Western cities. Its style was dictated by traduire en espagnol, European fashion, whereas Moscow had a distinct rural atmosphere. Following the with construction of St Petersburg, the much population of Moscow fell drastically.

It had been reduced to a provincial capital and maintained that image until the love middle of the 19th century. According to much questions the Empress Catherine, Moscow was a symbol of fanaticism while St Petersburg symbolised progress and civilisation. Essay. When in the early 1770s a part of list research, Moscow had to be burned due to the Black Death, which swept through the city, Catherine saw an opportunity to reconstruct Moscow in the European style. Obsession With. However, this grand project could not be realised due to financial insufficiencies. When the flames of the big fire of 1812 swallowed the city, a large construction process started. This was another chance to rebuild the city in a European style following the calculus example of St Petersburg. Yet during this grand reconstruction process, the planners of the city did not try to imitate Western cities. They rather successfully mixed the European design with the distinctive Russian style. Moscow’s architectural character was defined largely by the Russian provinces.

Being located on the crossroads of Europe and the Asiatic steppe, it had absorbed these diverse influences and created its own distinctive style. The streets of Moscow reflected a mixture of with essay, oriental customs, colours and motifs. The poet Konstantin Batiushkov saw the city as a “bizarre mix” of East and West. In the image of Moscow one could still make out the influence of Genghiz Khan. Moscow’s semi-oriental nature was given full expression in the so-called neo-Byzantine style of architecture that dominated its reconstruction in the 1830s and 1840s. The architecture mixed elements of the development dissertation neo-Gothic and medieval Russian styles with Byzantine and classical motifs. [27] The city also imposed its style on its provinces. Many provinces, Kazan being the most remarkable example, adopted the architecture of Moscow as a model. Moscow’s role as the cultural capital of the Russian provinces was thus confirmed.

B) Europeanisation versus Isolation. In an attempt to achieve his ambitious goal to love create a continental military power and a European Russia, Peter the Great travelled to European cities. Hiding his identity, he worked as an ordinary shipbuilder in Holland to learn new maritime technologies. Following his return, he started an traduire essayer, enforced adaptation process of European models of navy, military schools, law and obsession love, Table of Ranks (civil service), which he believed to traduire be necessary for Russia to become a modern European state. Pioneering the Westernisation process, Peter dressed in obsession essay, Western clothes, shaved his beard and did not strictly follow the religious duties of the Orthodox Church. He hated everything that Moscow symbolised: archaic culture, superstition, religious fanaticism and resentment of the West. The Petrine Revolution [28] in Russian culture and politics created a contrast between Moscow and St Petersburg. While St Petersburg symbolised everything about Westernisation, Moscow was the symbol of the historical and cultural isolation of Russia from Europe.

The Renaissance and the Reformation, which swept the whole of Europe, did not have any influence on Muscovy. It took no part in maritime discoveries or the en espagnol scientific revolutions of the early modern era. It had no great cities in the European sense, no universities or public schools apart from monastery academies and no real middle class. The projection of Russia into Europe has always been the obsession with love essay “raison d’etre” of St Petersburg. It was not simply Peter’s “window on tungkol Europe” – as Pushkin once described the capital – but an open doorway through which Europe entered Russia and the Russians made their entry into the world. [29]

C) Contrasting Ideologies. Russia’s cultural turn away from Europe accelerated during the reign of Nicholas I. [30] The Tsar and his ideologists felt sympathy towards the Slavophile doctrine that associated Russia with the eastern traditions of Byzantium. This departure of Russia from the European tradition led to the re-emergence of Moscow as the “genuine capital” of Russia. This conscious rejection of Europeanisation and return to the ancient native traditions was soon mythologised as a national renaissance. The ideological confrontation between the Westernisers and the Slavophiles laid the basis of the with love opposition between Moscow and St Petersburg. For the much Westernisers, Petersburg was the symbol of their Europe-oriented ideas for Russia. The Slavophiles, however, idealised Moscow, whose way of life was more provincial and was closer to the habits of the Russian people. For them, the customs and traditions of the old Rus’ were embodied in essay, Moscow, reflecting the real Russian character. D) The Role of Religion.

Muscovy was the religious centre of Russia while St Petersburg symbolised a modern secular European state. Reflecting the spiritual traditions of the Eastern Church back to Byzantium, Moscow resembled the medieval culture of central Europe. The dominance of the church impeded all sorts of secular movements that had taken shape in Europe with the Renaissance and Reformation. The focal point of the Russian Orthodox Church was the icons, and it was hostile to the development of other forms of abbreviations paper, art like literature, painting, sculpture or instrumental music. St Basil’s of Red Square symbolised the triumphant restoration of the obsession love Orthodox traditions of Byzantium and set in stone the imperial mission of Moscow as the capital of the religious crusade that was set out in the doctrine of Moscow as the Third Rome. The double-headed eagle of the Byzantine emperors, which is traduire essayer en espagnol currently the symbol of Russia, was added by obsession love, Moscow’s princes to their coat of arms. As was explained above, the support of the Russian Orthodox Church was fundamental to Moscow’s emergence as the tagalog tungkol mother city of essay, Holy Rus’. The Church marked the enemies of Moscow as the enemies of Christ.

The union of Moscow and Orthodoxy was cemented in hesse essays, the churches and the monasteries. Moscow was a centre of the Old Believers, who radically opposed reform in the Russian Church. Moscow’s messianic destiny as the Third Rome and the last true seat of Orthodoxy was the centre of their faith. Living in enclosed communities, they were hostile to the influences of the West and obsession love, any innovations from the outside world. They regarded Peter as the Antichrist, and essay tungkol, thus St Petersburg was considered by them as “the kingdom of the Devil”. E) The Images of the Two Cities in Russian Literature. The liberation of the nobles from obligatory state service in obsession love essay, 1762 opened the door to Europe for the curious Russian gentry. Visiting European capitals like London, Paris, Amsterdam and much ado essay questions, Vienna, they started to question Russia’s place in obsession, Europe. The virtues of the distinctive Russian character started to be reflected especially in travel writing. Dostoevsky used the economic development terms “corrupt, materialist and egoistical” to describe Europe. [31] This lexicon started to be frequently seen in essay, the works of Russian writers, the tungkol ko buhay Slavophiles being the foremost among them. For Dostoevsky, it was Russia’s messianic mission and destiny to save the fallen West.

In the eyes of these writers, St Petersburg, as the symbol of the obsession with love essay European Russia, was the list paper centre of corruption, foreign artifice, alien conventions and pretension. They idealised Moscow as the symbol of real Russian character and soul, uncorrupted by civilisation or artificial European influences. Especially in the national narrative of the obsession with love essay 19th century, the old romantic ideal of dissertation, native soil placed Moscow at the centre of the image of “pure Russia with real Russian virtues”. In sum, Moscow, in a sense, became the antithesis of St Petersburg in Russian literature. F) The Impact of the French Revolution and War with France. During the reign of Catherine II, the influence of French culture on the upper class of St Petersburg was felt even more strongly. The “Voltaireanism” of Catherine gave St Petersburg society a rationalist and sceptical view of life that was at odds with the sentimentalism and mysticism common in Moscow. [32] However, everything changed with the French Revolution. The bloodshed caused by the Jacobin reign of terror following the revolution of 1789 created dismay and reaction among the with love essay Russian gentry, who believed in help, the supremacy of obsession with love essay, French culture and idealised the essay tungkol ko buhay French way of obsession essay, life. The belief that France was the centre of civilisation, progress and enlightenment soon faded away. The once Francophile nobility became opponents of France, consciously striving to liberate themselves from the intellectual empire of the French. Tagalog Essay. The use of French words, which was once common among Russian nobles, was now creating reactions even in the salons of St Petersburg.

The Russian government finally broke off relations with revolutionary France. Moscow’s importance increased and its place as a symbol of obsession love essay, everything “Russian in the real sense” was further strengthened following the French revolution. When Russia went to war with France in tagalog essay ko buhay, 1805, Moscow’s indisputable place as the “heart of Russia” was confirmed. Before the obsession with love essay Battle of Borodino, Napoleon Bonaparte is believed to have said: “If I take Kiev, I will take Russia’s legs, if I take Saint Petersburg, I'll take its head. But if I take Moscow, I’ll take its heart”. G) The Role of the Noble Classes.

With Moscow being the ado essay former capital of Russia, the majority of its elite and obsession essay, intelligentsia was brought up in an ancestral patriarchal tradition. Despite being distant from St Petersburg, this elite, through friends and relatives serving in the St Petersburg bureaucracy and military ranks, had a sensible influence in politics. List Abbreviations Research Paper. While the St Petersburg aristocracy represented the love essay European fashion, the presence of wealthy nobles and the provincial gentry brought to Moscow the traditional attitudes of the countryside. Governmental measures emanated from Petersburg, but the way to understand and evaluate them, and to judge them, was determined in Moscow, along with their moral power. Much more than Petersburg, Moscow remained the centre of the country’s spiritual life, and it approached politics with a defiant spirit of hermann hesse, nationalism and fronde [33] . Dominance of Moscow in Current Politics in Russia: The Victory of obsession with love, Autocracy Over. The foundation of St Petersburg and the enforced process of Europeanisation (or Westernisation) caused by the Petrine Revolution in homework help calculus, Russian culture created an with love, uncertainty on the part of the tagalog essay ko buhay Russian nation about its place in Europe. This ambivalence, embodied in obsession with love essay, the characters of its two capitals, is still continuing in Russia today. Living in help, the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the Russians have never been quite sure if they belong to the East or to the West.

During the reign of Peter, the upper classes of St Petersburg were forced to love essay imitate the European way of life, while Moscow remained the symbol of real Russian character and soul. During the homework ideological clash of the Cold War era, Russia remained isolated from obsession love Europe, reminiscentof the days of medieval Muscovy. Since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991, Russian academics, policy-makers, philosophers and tagalog essay tungkol, bureaucrats have been trying to develop a new concept that could play a guiding role in building a new and powerful Russia. In the with love essay current debate on how to accomplish the revival of Russia as a great power, the Westernisers and the conservatives constitute two opposing poles. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there have been important developments that strengthened the position of the conservative camp against the Westernisers. The war in Chechnya, the eastward enlargement of NATO along Russia’s western borders, the American military bases in Central Asia, the orange revolutions liberating ex-Soviet countries from help Moscow’s orbit, Washington’s missile defence shield project that includes some central and eastern European countries, the violent terrorist attacks of Chechen radicals in various Russian cities, the war in Georgia and most recently the incidents of December 2010 played an important role in the rise of conservative and obsession love, nationalist feelings.

The increasing involvement of the Russian Orthodox Church in politics has also played an important role in the strengthening of conservatism in Russia. Much. The Russian Orthodox Church, whose centre has been Moscow since 1325–1326 [34] , played the key role in empowering the Russian Tsars with unrestrained and indisputable strength, and love essay, this fact contributed to the strengthening of conservative Muscovy. Today, we observe that t he Putin administration receives the open support of the Orthodox Church, an echo of the abbreviations type of cooperation between the Church and obsession with essay, the Tsars of Muscovite Russia. This revival of the Russian Orthodox Church and calculus, its increasing influence in current Russian politic marks the defining role of Moscow, and thus the conservative orientation of the Russian state. The influence of the conservative nationalist circles inside the Kremlin no doubt plays a defining role in the anti-Western authoritarianism and autocracy that is currently prevailing in Russian politics. Putin, a cautious personality with a KGB background, has a circle of advisers comprised of tiny groups with strong nationalist ideology.

The best known of these groups is the “Siloviki” (men of power), which deals with issues of national security and international affairs. The Siloviki are mostly officials with military or KGB backgrounds who dominate the country’s security and intelligence ministries and believe in love, absolute state control of economic, political and social life in Russia. They are mostly from St Petersburg since Putin usually recruits from his native city when filling key posts in the state apparatus and state-controlled corporations. It is ironic that the Siloviki, despite having mostly St Petersburg origins, do not reflect the Western-oriented ideology of their native city. Hermann. The leader of the Petersburg Siloviki – and the third most powerful man in Russia after Putin himself and President Dmitry Medvedev – is essay Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who is sometimes referred to as the “Russian Richelieu” [35] because of his control over a diverse network of officials and bureaucrats. Following the advent of President Dmitry Medvedev, the concerns of the questions Siloviki network started to grow. Medvedev, despite being a protege of the love essay Siloviki and a native of homework, St Petersburg, does not have a KGB background. He is obsession essay a civilian who represents a more liberal portrait than the aggressive rhetoric and much questions, tone of Putin’s Siloviki.

President Medvedev, in his first days in office, stripped Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov of his title as “First Deputy Prime Minister”. This sudden demotion of Defence Minister Ivanov was regarded as a challenge to the Siloviki. Medvedev continued his liberal approach by inviting pro-democracy activists to the Kremlin for tea and giving interviews in the liberal media. Whereas the obsession with love essay Prime Minister defined the democrats as “jackals begging around foreign embassies,” President Medvedev treated them with marked respect. Medvedev’s push for modernisation, innovation and the rule of law, juxtaposed against the sound resistance shown by the Siloviki to the “Europeanisation” of politics in Russia, reminds us of the days of hermann hesse essays, Peter the Great when St Petersburg symbolised modernisation and civilisation while Moscow was the symbol of obsession essay, conservatism and anti-Europeanism. The victory of Putin in the Presidential elections of essay, 4 March 2012 brings us to the conclusion that the conservative camp, whose ideology is largely shaped by Orthodoxy, autocracy, nationalism and to some extent Slavophilism, will preserve its control over the Russian state and politics in the foreseeable future. Thus, it seems possible to envisage that the obsession with love “central” place of Moscow as the essay tungkol ko buhay “heart” of Russia and its conservative ideology, which is obsession love essay largely dominating Russian politics today, will remain unchanged in the near future. According to Tolstoy, every Russian considered Moscow as a mother. Ado Essay. [36] Tolstoy’s understanding of Moscow’s central place for the Russians is even more clearly defined in a Russian proverb, “Petersburg is our head, Moscow is our heart - - , – ” . [1] .. , .. , , , 2010 , p. 138. [2] The V.I.

Lenin Museum was founded on the decision of the 13th Party Congress on 31 May 1924 as a department of the Lenin Institute. On 15 May 1936, the love essay Central Museum of V.I. Lenin was opened for visitors. In the almost 70 years of its existence the Lenin Museum was a powerful centre of propaganda for the ideas of Marxism-Leninism and for the formation of intellectual and emotional fidelity to the Communist Party’s policy and activity. On 12 November 1993 by presidential decree, the Central Lenin Museum ceased to exist as an independent historical and cultural institution. Tagalog Essay. At present, the Lenin Museum is a branch of the State Historical Museum and has no exhibition. [3] In 1713, Peter the Great moved the Russian capital from Moscow to St Petersburg. [4] , .. , - , 10 , . , , — , 2.2 30 2002 , p. 284, http :// www . rvb . ru / pushkin / toc . htm . [5] .. , - , p . 285. [6] , 1153 . Love. , , , - , , 2010 , p. 24.

[7] Kievan Rus’ ( Russian : ? ) is the name used by Russian historian Nikolai Karamzin for the medieval state of Rus. The state existed from approximately 880 to hesse sometime in the middle of the 13th century, when it disintegrated. It was founded by East Slavic tribes and with essay, Scandinavian traders ( Varangians ) called “ Rus ’” and was centred in Novgorod . The state later included territories stretching south to the Black Sea , east to the Volga and west to the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania . [8] , 1812 , , 2009 , p. En Espagnol. 165. [9] Count Rostopchin denied accusations that he had ordered the blaze ignited to obsession love drive out the French. The fire was most likely accidentally begun by French looters and was fanned by fanatic patriots among the few Russians who had remained behind when Napoleon entered the city. Whatever the cause, the fire sparked an anti-French uprising among the peasants, whose raids, along with the cruel winter, helped force Napoleon’s retreat. [10] See details in , 1812 , pp. 181-223. [11] Richard Pipes, Russian Conservatism and homework calculus, Its Critics: A Study in Political Culture, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 2005, p. 13. [12] Pipes, Russian Conservatism and Its Critics: A Study in Political Culture, p. 14.

[13] According to the Appolinarian doctrine, taught by Bishop Appolinarius the Younger, bishop of Laodicea in Syria during the 4th century, Jesus was not a man but the obsession with essay “word of God dwelling in tagalog essay, the human body”. This transgression caused the capital of obsession, true Christianity to shift to Constantinople, where it made its home for the next nine centuries. This doctrine was condemned as heresy by Roman councils in 377 and in 381 and also by the Council of tagalog essay tungkol ko buhay, Constantinople in 381. In spite of its repeated condemnation, Apollinarianism persisted into the 5th century. At that time its remaining adherents merged with the Monophysites, who held that Christ had a divine nature but no human nature, a view articulated in the second half of the 4th century by Bishop Appolinarius, [14] Thornton Anderson, Russian Political Thought: An Introduction, Cornell University Press, New York, 1967, p. 72. [15] The first to claim their capital as the heir of obsession love essay, Byzantium were the Bulgarians, who as early as the research paper 14th century designated the capital of their empire, Tyrnovo (Tirnova), as the “New Rome.” This claim lapsed in 1393 when Tyrnovo fell to the Turks. [16] , - 1500- , , - , , 2010 , p. 88. [17] Pipes, Russian Conservatism and Its Critics: A Study in Political Culture, p. 39. [19] Anderson, Russian Political Thought: An Introduction, p. 74.

[20] Orlando Figes, Natasha’s Dance: A Cultural History of Russia, New York, 2002, pp. 7-8. [21] Figes, Natasha’s Dance: A Cultural History of Russia, p. 10. [23] Figes, Natasha’s Dance: A Cultural History of Russia, p. 10. [25] , , 1866, [26] Alexander M. Martin, Romantics, Reformers, Reactionaries: Russian Conservative Thought and Politics in obsession with love, the Reign of Alexander I, Northern Illinois University Press, DeKalb, 1997, pp. 57-58. [27] Figes, Natasha’s Dance: A Cultural History of Russia, p. Hermann. 154. [28] See details in James Cracraft, The Petrine Revolution in Russian Culture, Belknap Press, London, 2004. [29] Figes, Natasha’s Dance: A Cultural History of Russia, p. 61.

[30] .. , - , 2010. [32] Martin, Romantics, Reformers, Reactionaries: Russian Conservative Thought and Politics in the Reign of Alexander I, p. 58. [33] Martin, Romantics, Reformers, Reactionaries: Russian Conservative Thought and obsession love, Politics in the Reign of Alexander I, p. 59. [34] In 1299, Maksim, the Metropolitan of Kiev, moved his seat from Kiev to Vladimir to escape the Tatar menace, thus making Vladimir the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church. It remained there until the reign of economic, Metropolitan Pyotr (1306-1326), when contacts between the head of the church in Vladimir, and the Moscow Princes and Grand Princes became closer. In 1325-26, Metropolitan Pyotr (who was canonised in 1339) moved his seat from Vladimir to Moscow, thus making Moscow the ecclesiastical center. In the same year, Ivan I (Kalita) laid the foundation stone of the Cathedral of the Dormition, which was the love essay first cathedral to much questions be built in essay, the Kremlin. It was consecrated on 4 August 1427. [35] Cardinal Richelieu was born in Paris on 9 September 1585. He became the prime minister of France in 1624.

Richelieu argued that the state is hesse essays above everything, and love, that religion is a mere instrument to promote the policies of the state. When Richelieu rose to power, France’s King Louis XIII had not yet solidified his authority in France. Richelieu severely punished nobles who plotted against the king and replaced his enemies in the government. In addition, he expanded the king’s authority in the provinces through the traduire essayer en espagnol use of royal agents. Richelieu insisted that the king apply the law with severity; otherwise, the state could not survive.

He emphasised that rigorous punishment of even small crimes would forestall greater ones. With Love. Through this reasoning, Richelieu provided his sovereign a rationale for the harsh rule he knew to be requisite for strengthening and maintaining the authority of the French State. Anderson, Thornton. Russian Political Thought An Introduction, Cornell University Press, New. , . ( , , , , , , 1854, , . Abbreviations Paper. , 1866, , . 1153 ., , . , - , , 2010. Figes, Orlando.

Natasha’s Dance A Cultural History of Russia, New York, 2002, p.7-8. M. Martin, Alexander. Romantics, Reformers, Reactionaries Russian Conservative Thought and. Politics in the Reign of Alexander I , Northern Illinois University Press, DeKalb 1997. .., i .. , , 2010. Pipes, Richard. Russian Conservatism and Its Critics A Study in Political Culture, Yale. University Press, New Haven and with, London, 2005, p.13. , - , . , . , 1867, , i , , - . 1500- , , - . , , 2010, p .88. .. Economic Development. , - I : , 2010.

* An?l Cicek - Dr., Head of Department at the Ministry of obsession love, Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey; completed his post-doctoral research studies at the University of Latvia as a part of the Jean Monnet Scholarship Program and achieved Russian language certificate TRKI–III (advanced level) from the University of St Petersburg. © 2010 , IJORS - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RUSSIAN STUDIES.

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Understand Mental Health Essay Sample. This unit aims to with, provide the learner with knowledge of the hesse essays main forms of mental health problems according to the psychiatric classification system. Learners also consider the strengths and limitations of this model and obsession with essay look at alternative frameworks for understanding mental distress. The focus of the traduire essayer en espagnol unit is on understanding the different ways in obsession which mental health problems impact on the individual and others in their social network. It also considers the benefits of early intervention in promoting mental health and wellbeing. If you require more room to traduire essayer en espagnol, record a full answer please feel free to either attach additional paper or if you require an electronic copy of this document please email me on love [emailprotected] and I will forward one to economic dissertation, you. Learning outcome one: Know the main forms of mental ill health. 1.1 describe the main types of mental ill health according to obsession essay, the psychiatric (DSM/ICD) classification system: mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, substance-related disorders, eating disorders, cognitive disorders| There are many different conditions/symptoms that are recognised by the diagnostic and list abbreviations statistical manual of love essay mental disorders (DSM) or the international classification of disease (ICD) as mental ill health.MOOD DISORDERS:-the most common mood disorders according to the dsm are depression and essays bipolar disorder.

These types of mental ill health are known as Affective disorders, they involve periods of obsession time where the individual experiences feelings of extreme sadness or extreme happiness, the abbreviations paper individual may also experience a fluctuation between the two emotions over this period of obsession love essay time.PERSONALITY DISORDERS:- Personality disorders usually become noticeable in homework calculus adolescence or early adulthood, but sometimes start in childhood. The individual’s patterns of behavior and love essay thinking differ from the expectations of society. These thinking and behavioral patterns are very rigid and may interfere with the person’s normal day to day functioning, They can make it difficult for individuals to traduire, start and obsession with love keep friendships or other relationships, and individuals may find it hard to work effectively with others. Individuals may also find other people very scary, and feel very alienated and homework calculus alone.ANXIETY DISORDERS:- there are many types of obsession with love essay Anxiety disorders that affect each individual in different way the main types include: * Generalized anxiety or GAD is characterized by homework excessive, exaggerated anxiety and worry about everyday life events with no obvious reasons for worry. * Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is with essay, a lasting consequence of much traumatic ordeals that cause intense fear, helplessness, or horror, such as a sexual or physical assault, the unexpected death of a loved one, an accident, war, or natural disaster. Obsession With Love. * Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a type of mental illness that causes repeated unwanted thoughts. To get rid of the thoughts, a person does the same tasks over and over.

For example, you may fear that everything you touch has germs on it. So to ease that fear, you wash your hands over and over again. * Panic disorder, which is traduire essayer, a serious condition that strikes without reason or warning. Symptoms of panic disorder include sudden attacks of fear and nervousness, as well as physical symptoms such as sweating and a racing heart. * Social anxiety disorder, People with social anxiety disorder (or social phobia) are extremely anxious about what they will say or do in front of other people. Doctors don’t know what causes social anxiety disorder. They think it may run in families. But they are not sure if it’s because of genetics or a response to a traumatic situation. Obsession With Love. * Specific phobias:- are a lasting and unreasonable fear caused by the presence or thought of a specific object or situation that usually poses little or no actual danger.

Exposure to the object or situation brings about an tungkol ko buhay, immediate reaction, causing the person to endure intense anxiety (nervousness) or to love, avoid the object or situation entirely. Dissertation. The distress associated with the phobia and/or the need to avoid the object or situation can significantly interfere with the person’s ability to function. Adults with a specific phobia recognize that the fear is excessive or unreasonable, yet are unable to overcome it.PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS:- These illnesses affect an obsession love essay, individual’s mind and alter a person’s ability to think clearly, make good judgments, communicate effectively, understand reality, behave appropriately and respond emotionally. Homework. When symptoms are severe, people with psychotic disorders often are unable to meet the obsession ordinary demands of daily life. Essayer. People with this illness have changes in behaviour and symptoms, such as delusions (a feeling of being watched or monitored in some way) and hallucinations (hearing, seeing or smelling things that aren’t there) that last a very long time.SUBSTANCE-RELATED DISORDERS:- According to the DSM, substance related disorders are separated into two types: 1. Substance use/abuse disorders. Substance use disorders include abuse and dependence of obsession love any substance. Substance dependence is much ado essay, characterized by continued use of any substance even after the user has experienced serious substance-related problems. 2. Substance-induced disorders.

This involves mental or physical problems that result solely from the drug’s chemical effects on obsession love essay the body. Substance-induced disorder is diagnosed when someone experiences psychiatric symptoms that are solely related to substance use or withdrawal.Different substances affect individuals in various ways, but some of the effects seen in intoxication and withdrawal might include impaired judgment, emotional instability, increase or decrease in appetite, or changed sleep patterns/insomnia, fatigue, irritability, sweating, increased heart rate, tremors, nausea and vomiting.EATING DISORDERS:- these include extreme attitudes, behaviours and emotions involving food and help weight. The most common eating disorders are; * Anorexia nervosa, People with anorexia nervosa have an extreme fear of gaining weight. They often diet and exercise relentlessly, sometimes to the point of starvation. About one-third to one-half of anorexics also binge and with essay purge by vomiting or misusing laxatives. People with anorexia have a distorted body image, thinking they are overweight when in fact they are underweight. Ko Buhay. They may count calories obsessively and only allow themselves tiny portions of certain specific foods. When confronted, someone with anorexia will often deny that there’s a problem.

* Bulimia Bulimia, also called bulimia nervosa, is with essay, another eating disorder, Like anorexia, bulimia is a psychological disorder. Bulimia is characterized by episodes of homework calculus secretive excessive eating (bingeing) followed by inappropriate methods of weight control, such as self-induced vomiting (purging), abuse of laxatives and diuretics, or excessive exercise. With Love Essay. It is homework, another condition that goes beyond out-of-control dieting. The cycle of obsession with overeating and purging can quickly become an obsession similar to an addiction to drugs or other substances. Tagalog Essay Tungkol Ko Buhay. The disorder generally occurs after a variety of unsuccessful attempts at dieting.COGNITIVE DISORDERS:- are a category of with essay mental health disorders that primarily affect learning, memory, perception, problem solving and include amnesia and dementia. Causes vary between the different types of disorders but most include damage to the memory portions of the brain.Dementia can have numerous causes: genetics, brain trauma, stroke, and heart issues. The main causes are diseases such as Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, and Huntington disease because they affect or deteriorate brain functions. Dementia erases part or all of the tagalog tungkol ko buhay patient’s memory. With Love Essay. It is usually associated with but not restricted to the elderly.

It can be diagnosed by essay tungkol screening tests such as the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE).Amnesia patients have trouble retaining long or short term memories. Amnesia can be caused by obsession essay concussions, traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress, and economic development alcoholism. Many problems are caused by damage to major memory encoding parts of the brain. If left untreated, cognitive disorders can quickly get worse, with the possibility of other mental problems appearing. In addition to this, there are the dangers that someone who have a cognitive disorder will get lost and love essay be unable to list paper, find their way home or even remember who they are. When left untreated, these types of disorders can get bad enough that constant supervision is needed. Obsession Essay. | 1.2 explain the key strengths and limitations of the psychiatric classification system| Benefits;- * Reduces complex information by categorizing mental ill health in ado essay questions order for professionals to communicate the health disorder more effectively. * It categorizes diagnostic information in obsession with love essay a systematic manner by grouping individuals.

This enables psychiatrists to diagnose extremely ill individuals based on similarities of behaviour. Hesse. * It provides a diagnosis and prognosis for each mental health disorder. * Enables physicians to communicate and obsession with love essay compare and improve treatments of mental ill health. * Reduces victim blaming e.g. the disorder is to abbreviations research, blame for problematic behaviours and not the individual. * Provides mental health practitioners the basis for creating a care plan for the individuals. * Due to the way the DSM was designed it is easily used on a wide spectrum of individuals and their symptoms. * DSM-IV has a broad list of categories as well as symptoms that indicate what must and must not be present for the appropriate disorder to be diagnosed.Limitations; * Labelling individuals * Failing to diagnose may defer early treatment or intervention * The system only communicates small amounts of information about the individual’s unique symptoms and feelings, which may lead to obsession love, the stereotyping of the individual. * The DSM judges symptoms superficially and much ado essay ignores other possible important factors. * The DSM is currently in obsession with its fourth edition as both the first and second editions had numerous categories for essay tungkol, diagnosing based on assumptions rather than fact.The system has put in place specific criteria for diagnosis; The aim is to make diagnosis more reliable and valid by laying down rules for the inclusion or exclusion of cases. With. Each disorder has a list of development symptoms, all of obsession with which must be present, for a specified period of time, in relation to essays, age and gender, what mustn’t be present and the personal and social causes of the disorder.| 1.3 explain two alternative frameworks for understanding mental distress| Alternative frameworks for understanding mental distress include medical model and behavioural frameworks. The medical model works with the love essay assumption that problems in areas of our lives such as thinking, feeling, relating and behaving are best understood through medical terminology involving a vocabulary of symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis. Biological and medical frameworks view psychological problems as result of economic dissertation physical causes such as brain defects, hereditary factors or as the obsession with love results of economic development accidents or injury. Behavioural frameworks are closely aligned to learning theories rather than biological problems. Obsession With Love Essay. Behavioural frameworks indicate that the symptoms of mental distress are learned habits that arise from the interaction between external stressors that include, the physical environment, including your job, your relationships with others, your home, and all the situations, challenges, difficulties, and expectations you’re confronted with on a daily basis, and the individual’s personality and abilities to manage these life stresses. Those who promote the much questions medical model do not ignore questions to obsession with love essay, do with meanings, relationships and ado essay questions values, these questions are understood to be secondary concerns whereas the behavioural frameworks use these symptoms In the initial diagnosis and prognosis of the illness.

1.4 explain how mental ill health may be indicated through an obsession love, individual’s emotions, thinking and economic development behaviour| Signs and symptoms of mental ill health can vary immensely between individuals. Factors can depend on the individual’s particular mental health problem, financial circumstances, jobs, relationships and other life challenges/difficulties/expectations.Examples of some indicators for mental ill health are:- * Feeling sad or “down” * Confused thinking * Neglect to belongings/family or self * Reduced ability to love essay, concentrate * Increased excessive worries or fears * Extreme mood changes- highs to lows, lows to highs * extreme feelings of guilt * extreme feelings of tiredness and low energy * withdrawal from friends or activities * problems sleeping either too much or not at development all * inability to cope with daily problems or stress * major changes in eating habits * major changes in sex drive * Detachment from reality(delusions, paranoia or hallucinations) * Act of anger hostility or violence * Suicidal thinking or behaviour * Substance misuse, alcohol or drug abuseSometimes individuals suffering with mental ill health may present with physical conditions such as headache, back pain, abdominal pain or other unexplained aches and pains. 2.1 explain how individuals experience discrimination due to misinformation, assumptions and stereotypes about mental ill health| Many people in obsession with essay today’s society are ill informed about mental ill health. Hermann Hesse Essays. Technology and obsession with love essay terminology has vastly improved over help, the last 100 years but unfortunately people’s attitudes have not. Many people are happy to be discriminatory rather than spend the time educating themselves about on-going illnesses that can affect anyone.Older generations pass down their out-dated views as to how individuals with mental health should be treated i.e grandparents telling grandchildren “people like that should be in an asylum” obviously this is a wildly inaccurate and outdated statementas individuals in todays society have a great deal more support network to channel into in order for them to get help and suppot to cope with their conditions without being admitted into hospitals.

Throughout the media mental ill health is portrayed as violent, unpredictable and dangerous. These such representations are wildly inaccurate as research shows that many people with mental ill health are more likely to be victims rather than the perpitrators of violence. work colleagues, friends, and even can Family members can contribute to the stereotyping of individuals suffering with mental health problems as they are under educated about the specific illness and how it affects the individual.My mother is obsession love, a sufferer of bipolar disorder so in order to understand her illness I researched her condition and educated myself about it. A few weeks later my mum had an appointment to amend her benefits as she could not work with her illness. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and hesse essays order Understand Mental Health.

essay editing for obsession with, only $13.9 per page. Top grades and tagalog tungkol quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Understand Mental Health. The main types of mental ill health according to the psychiatric (DSM/ICD) classification system e.g.: mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, substance-related disorders, eating disorders, cognitive disorders, sexual… Mental Health America. Mental Health America (formerly known as the National Mental Health Association) is the country’s leading nonprofit dedicated to helping all people live mentally healthier lives.

With more than 320 affiliate… Are Human Rights Infringed on obsession love Treatments for Mental Health? The European Convention on Human Rights was produced after the Second World War by the Council of Europe. The document outlines human rights and the freedoms every person should have… Factors for Mental Disorders. Mental illness is a disorder that is characterized by homework help calculus disturbances in a person’s thoughts, emotions, or behavior.

This illness exist in the form of obsession love essay many disorders. These disorders range from… The Role and History of Mental Health Counseling. Part 1 This Paper will cover how a Mental Health Counselor can promote wellness, as well as resilience for a certain client population. Wellness is much questions, doing well and love being well….

Aboriginal health with particular referrence to aboriginal mental health. Sociology begins with individuals’ experiences in order to explore the collective themes and abbreviations research patterns of human behaviour that shape our society and the distribution of health within it (Willis, 1993)….

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amt business plan Use Business Plan Pro to edit this sample plan and make it your own. Over 500+ additional sample plans also included. Computer Hardware - Reseller. AMT focuses on obsession with love essay local markets, small business and home office, with special focus on hermann hesse the high-end home office and the 5-20 unit small business office. Obsession With Love Essay. The segmentation allows some room for estimates and nonspecific definitions. We focus on a small-medium level of small business, and it is hard to find information to make an exact classification. Help Calculus. Our target companies are large enough to need the high-quality information technology management we offer, but too small to have a separate computer management staff such as an MIS department. We say that our target market has 10-50 employees, and needs 5-20 workstations tied together in a local area network; the definition is flexible. Defining the high-end home office is even more difficult.

We generally know the characteristics of our target market, but we can't find easy classifications that fit into available demographics. The high-end home office business is obsession love essay, a business, not a hobby. It generates enough money to merit the owner's paying real attention to the quality of information technology management, meaning that there is both budget and concerns that warrant working with our level of quality service and support. We can assume that we aren't talking about home offices used only part-time by help calculus, people who work elsewhere during the day, and that our target market home office wants to with love essay, have powerful technology and a lot of links between computing, telecommunications, and ado essay video. Obsession With Love Essay. Market Analysis (Pie) We are part of the computer reselling business, which includes several kinds of businesses: Computer dealers: storefront computer resellers, usually less than 5,000 square feet, often focused on a few main brands of hardware, usually offering only essays, a minimum of obsession with love software, and variable amounts of service and support.

These are usually old-fashioned (1980s-style) computer stores and they usually offer relatively few reasons for buyers to tagalog essay ko buhay, shop with them. Their service and support is not usually very good and their prices are usually higher than the larger stores. Chain stores and computer superstores: these include major chains such as CompUSA, Computer City, Future Shop, etc. They are almost always more than 10,000 square feet of space, usually offer decent walk-in service, and obsession with are often warehouse-like locations where people go to find products in boxes with very aggressive pricing, and little support. Mail order: the market is served increasingly by mail order businesses that offer aggressive pricing of boxed product. For the purely price-driven buyer, who buys boxes and expects no service, these are very good options. Others: there are many other channels through which people buy their computers, usually variations of the main three types above. Since our target market is the service seeker, the most important market needs are support, service, training, and installation, in that order. One of the key points of our strategy is the focus on en espagnol target segments that know and understand these needs and are willing to obsession love essay, pay to have them filled. All personal computer users need support and service.

The self reliant ones, however, supply those needs themselves. In home offices, these are the knowledgeable computer users who like to dissertation, do it themselves. Among the obsession love businesses, these are businesses that have people on list abbreviations staff. The most obvious and important trend in the market is declining prices. This has been true for years, but the trend seems to be accelerating.

We see the obsession love major brand-name manufacturers putting systems together with amazing specs--more power, more speed, more memory, more disk storage--at amazing prices. The major chain shops are selling brand-name powerful computers for less than $1,000. This may be related to ko buhay, a second trend, which is the computer as throw-away appliance. By the time a system needs upgrading, it is cheaper to buy completely new. The increasing power and storage of love a sub-$1000 system means buyers are asking for less service. Ado Essay. A third trend is ever greater connectivity. Everybody wants onto the internet, and every small office wants a LAN. A lot of small offices want their LAN connected to the internet.

As prices fall, unit sales increase. The published market research on love sales of personal computers is astounding, as the United States market alone is absorbing more than 30 million units per year, and sales are growing at more than 20 percent per year. We could quote Dataquest, Infocorp, IDC, or others; it doesn't matter, they all agree on high growth of CPU sales. Where growth is not as obvious is the retail market. A report in CRW says Dell is now selling $5 million monthly over the web, and we assume Gateway and Micron are both close to that. Direct mail has given way to the web, but catalogs are still powerful, and the non-retail sale is more accepted every day. The last study we saw published has retail sales growing at 5% per hermann hesse year, while web sales and direct sales are growing at 25% or 30%. Obsession Essay. We are part of the computer reselling business, which includes several kinds of businesses: Computer dealers: storefront computer resellers, usually less than 5,000 square feet, often focused on a few main brands of hardware, usually offering only a minimum of tagalog essay ko buhay software, and variable amounts of service and with support. These are usually old-fashioned (1980s-style) computer stores and they usually offer relatively few reasons for buyers to hesse essays, shop with them.

Their service and support is essay, not usually very good and their prices are usually higher than the larger stores. Chain stores and computer superstores: these include major chains such as CompUSA, Computer City, Future Shop, etc. They are almost always more than 10,000 square feet of space, usually offer decent walk-in service, and are often warehouse-like locations where people go to find products in boxes with very aggressive pricing, and little support. Homework. Mail order: the obsession love market is served increasingly by mail order businesses that offer aggressive pricing of boxed product. For the purely price-driven buyer, who buys boxes and expects no service, these are very good options. Others: there are many other channels through which people buy their computers, usually variations of the main three types above. The national chains are a growing presence.

CompUSA, Computer City, Incredible Universe, Babbages, Egghead, and others. They benefit from abbreviations, national advertising, economies of with love scale, volume buying, and hesse essays a general trend toward name-brand loyalty for buying in the channels as well as for products. Local computer stores are threatened. These tend to be small businesses, owned by people who started them because they liked computers. Obsession Love Essay. They are under-capitalized and abbreviations research paper under-managed. Margins are squeezed as they compete against the chains, in a competition based on love essay price more than on ado essay service and obsession support.

Small Business buyers are accustomed to buying from vendors who visit their offices. They expect the copy machine vendors, office products vendors, and development dissertation office furniture vendors, as well as the local graphic artists, freelance writers, or whomever, to visit their office to make their sales. There is usually a lot of leakage in ad-hoc purchasing through local chain stores and mail order. Often the essay administrators try to discourage this, but are only ado essay, partially successful. Unfortunately our Home Office target buyers may not expect to buy from us.

Many of them turn immediately to obsession with love, the superstores (office equipment, office supplies, and homework help electronics) and mail order to look for the best price, without realizing that there is a better option for obsession love essay, them at only a little bit more. The small business buyers understand the concept of service and support, and ado essay are much more likely to pay for it when the offering is clearly stated. There is no doubt that we compete much more against all the love essay box pushers than against other service providers. Ado Essay. We need to effectively compete against the idea that businesses should buy computers as plug-in appliances that don't need ongoing service, support, and training. Obsession Love. Our focus group sessions indicated that our target Home Offices think about price but would buy based on quality service if the offering were properly presented. They think about price because that's all they ever see. We have very good indications that many would rather pay 10-20% more for a relationship with a long-term vendor providing back-up and quality service and support; they end up in tungkol ko buhay the box-pusher channels because they aren't aware of the with love alternatives. Availability is also very important.

The Home Office buyers tend to want immediate, local solutions to problems. We have Store 1 and Store 2 already within the valley, and Store 3 is expected by homework help calculus, the end of next year. If our strategy works, we will have differentiated ourselves sufficiently to obsession, not have to hermann essays, compete against these stores. Strengths: national image, high volume, aggressive pricing, economies of scale. Weaknesses: lack of product, service and support knowledge, lack of personal attention. Other local computer stores: Store 4 and Store 5 are both in the downtown area. They are both competing against the chains in an attempt to essay, match prices. Hesse. When asked, the owners will complain that margins are squeezed by the chains and customers buy on price only.

They say they tried offering services and that buyers didn't care, instead preferring lower prices. We think the love problem is also that they didn't really offer good service, and also that they didn't differentiate from the chains. Use Business Plan Pro to essayer en espagnol, edit this sample plan and make it your own. Over 500+ additional sample plans also included.

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essay maeterlinck (Return to Web Text-ures) Click Here to return to. Click Here to return to. the previous section. FIRST ESSAYS: LE TRÉSOR DES HUMBLES; LA SAGESSE ET LA DESTINÉE LE TRÉSOR DES HUMBLES, the first in a long series of obsession essay books of essays, marks no obvious departure from the hermann period of the early plays which it closes. Arkël, the old man in Intérieur, and Aglavaine had already talked in the language of Le Trésor des Humbles. The essays on Ruysbroeck, Emerson, and Novalis disclosed the nature of Maeterlinck's reading and thinking.' That on Emerson showed us, like the plays, how he loved the idea of silence so much that the words of the people in his plays often seem no more than swallows flying about with, a deep and ko buhay, still lake, whose surface they ruffle seldom and but for obsession with love, a moment. Le Trésor des Humbles opens with a quotation from much questions, Carlyle upon silence and secrecy, saying that silence is the love essay element in which great things fashion themselves together, and that speech is too often . Much Questions. . . the act of quite stifling and suspending thought, so that there is none to conceal . Speech is of Time, silence is of Eternity. As in the Introduction to the translations from Emerson these words by another suffice to set him travelling up and on in his airy path, beginning with the words: It is obsession with essay, idle to think that, by means of words, any real communication can ever pass from one man to another.

In this book, again, he introduces a variation upon The silence of a child is wiser than the speech of Marcus Aurelius; for he asks now what difference there is between words of his and words of a child who complains of cold. As he humiliates speech, so he does the senses, looking forward to a time when our souls shall communicate without their help. Even now, he argues, we know very much without them, and instead of saying, as in much ado essay questions, the essay on obsession with love essay, Emerson, that a man's soul is something different from his words or from his own presentation of himself, he imagines the soul stripped of her veils, so that the most secret thoughts only remain, and he sees the soul of a prostitute with the list abbreviations research transparent smile of the child in her eyes, or a murderer surrounded by love essay an air of purity, a philosopher by unendurable gloom. Essay. It may be, he thinks, the supreme aim of life to set free these yet inexplicable powers, such is that invisible goodness which is denied to no man. Life has deepened in recent times, and has gained in depth and spiritual gravity what it has lost in external attractiveness; the pomp and the picturesqueness of life survive chiefly in books and on the stage, but are as nothing compared with the obsession reality of silent trees or an old man in an arm-chair beside a lamp in solitude. Now that the tagalog tungkol ko buhay big and the violent have no authority the child emerges into obsession essay significance, and with the child the woman; and women, he says, are more naturally in traduire essayer, harmony with the mysteries of obsession essay life; they are nearer to God; and he speaks of those profound moments when a man's head lies on the breast of a woman -- profound moments when, perhaps, the hero learns to know the strength and hermann hesse essays, steadfastness of his star. In intellect they may be inferior, but in with essay, the higher regions all are equal. Of such a world as this which is seen or foreseen by homework calculus Maeterlinck, women like Aglavaine and with love essay, Maleine are fit inhabitants, and in it Maleine would have no need to die by the cord nor Aglavaine to dissertation cause the death of Selysette. Women he calls the with love veiled sisters of the great unseen things, and the phrase is only one of many which belong to the world of the plays.

These silent, divining women, looking so insignificant, are like the characters of development dissertation those plays. Still more like them are those silent and mysterious beings who are destined to an early death and obsession, are dimly aware of it, timid yet grave and steadfast. Much Ado Essay Questions. Their resignation seems beautiful to him, and in The Star he speaks of the meek, resigned smile of the soul as being its deepest expression. Love. In The Invisible Goodness he compares men with sleep-walkers or the blind, and recalls Les Aveugles ') when he says that we never see or touch each other in this life. The predestined are those on hermann, whom death has set a visible doom, such as Arkël saw on Mélisande. But they are not essentially exceptional in Maeterlinck's opinion, for love, death he calls the calculus guide and the goal of life.

Everywhere is to be seen his belief, and a tender fervour in obsession love essay, advocating it, that the essay tungkol mere fact of living is wonderful, so wonderful that our distinctions between the important and the unimportant fade away. Only external things make these distinctions, and love essay, of external things he takes no account. What lies beneath is what is valuable and economic dissertation, significant, and at present we know little or nothing of this, except that it is unfathomable in all men. Hence at obsession, present an economic development equality of mystery and obsession love essay, greatness in all. What is ado essay, known is uninteresting, and he says, with Whitman: I launch all men and women forward with me into obsession essay the. Maeterlinck also says All.

Arkël called Mélisande a poor little mysterious being, like everybody else, and Maeterlinck allows no differences of hermann hesse essays good and obsession, bad, great and small, young and old. The prostitute and the murderer may have white, lovely souls, while the philosopher and the martyr may spread gloom wherever they go. Paper. In Ford's play of obsession 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, which Maeterlinck translated, Giovanni says to his incestuous sister Annabella before he stabs her: Go thou, white in thy soul, to fill a throne. Of innocence and sanctity in heaven. This is the hesse essays note of with love Maeterlinck, but Giovanni confidently expects, not an inner and much, heavenly sanction only, but that of intelligent posterity: Of our fast-knit affections, though perhaps. The laws of conscience and of civil use. May justly blame us, yet when they but know.

Our loves, that love will wipe away that rigour. Which would in other incests be abhorred. What lover says to lover in the ecstasy of obsession tragedy Maeterlinck says quietly to all the world. But for his soft and shadowy voice, his words are those of Walt Whitman in much, the Salut au Monde: Each of us limitless -- each of us with his or her right upon the earth,

Each of us allow'd the eternal purports of the earth, Each of us here as divinely as any is here. Only Maeterlinck has scarcely an equivalent for Whitman's praise of the body, when he says that the skin, the hair, the essay bones, the marrow . . . are not the parts and poems of the body only, but of the soul, O I say now these are the soul. To Whitman all that is, all visible things, are so glorious and strange that though he would have life better, yet he cannot think of making it so except through love of what it already is. Whitman sees that men are divine, and Maeterlinck has intimations that they are: at the bottom of all our acts, he says in his Introduction to Camille Mauclair's Jules Laforgue (1896), there is a kind of childish and divine smile . . . which might be named the soul's smile. He is shy and gentle with all his asseveration, having neither bulk nor weight, but speaking like a disembodied spirit. Just as his plays show the reaction of the imagination against what Mr.

Symons unjustly calls the wholly prose theatre of Ibsen, into ado essay which life comes nakedly, cruelly, subtly, but without distinction, without poetry, so in these essays we meet children and spirits rather than the obsession men and women of life or of Ibsen's plays. There are places where he speaks so airily -- like the legendary bird of Paradise that had no feet, and could never alight on hermann essays, earth or tree -- that he might seem to be only building up in fancy from some such words as those of Novalis: Blame nothing human, for all is essay, good, though all may not be good in every place, or at list research paper, all times, or for all men. Did he ever, in writing this book, remember some other words which he had translated a few years before, those of Ruysbroeck's seventy-sixth chapter? The mystic is with, writing of economic those egoists who attain a natural idle calm which they mistake for the heavenly calm of love saints. They think themselves contemplative, and, thanks to their natural calm, believe themselves free and in direct union with God, and therefore raised above the practice of the Church and the commandments of God, the law, and virtuous works. List Research Paper. Therefore, too, they can do all that their bodily natures desire, for they have reached innocence, and there is no law for them; and if nature is obsession essay, tempted to some pleasure and a refusal might darken or disturb the calm of the spirit, they satisfy nature according to the desire, lest the calm of the help spirit should be disturbed. Probably Maeterlinck did not remember these words, or his book might have been hesitating as well as shy. But hesitating it never is. Obsession With Essay. For his foundations are built upon truths within the experience of all, and he builds all the more audaciously because most men ignore these foundations altogether. Every one has come to the edge of en espagnol a mystery, as of obsession love essay a deep sea for homework help, which no experience or thinking has prepared him; every one has used powers of intuition and unconscious hidden activity for which he has no name.

We have assurances and consolations inexplicable, the very reason for living is hidden from many. Very widely distributed is the kindliness felt for a scoundrel who is generous, the contempt for the man who is perfect according to some obvious rule or law. Tolerance and a sense of mystery are the foundations of Le Trésor des Humbles. It brings those who are open to slender and vague voices out of the darkness some of the new assurances and consolations that are needed, or confirms the old. It plays the same part as Browning's Rabbi Ben Ezra in laying stress upon essay, -- And finger failed to plumb,

So passed in making up the main account; All instincts immature, All purposes unsure, That weighed not as his work, yet swelled the man's amount: Though hardly to be packed. Into a narrow act, Fancies that broke through language and escaped, All I could never be, All men ignored in me, This I was worth to God, whose wheel the pitcher shaped.

It makes for a reconsideration of old standards, for charity, for subtle distinctions, modifications, reservations, for an extending or a breaking down of boundaries, for a broadening of the horizon of common life. It can reveal the value of hesse essays judgments which have escaped explanation and obsession with love essay, even notice because they were not purely or even mainly rational, and were yet right. It can increase reverence where it does not touch understanding. It undermines our more massive and pompous follies. It teaches not by information or by tagalog essay law, but by making men more profoundly aware of obsession with love essay themselves and of the world. To read it is traduire, like an experience of the uncomfortable silence that descends by chance upon a circle of with talkers. Most are glad when the calculus silence breaks up and talk returns; but the silence is not to be forgotten. The book points to mysteries under the obsession surface of life which are as impressive as the tagalog essay ko buhay corridors, vaults, and dark waters which are their symbols in the plays.

But La Sagesse et la Destinée must be considered along with Le Trésor des Humbles if a fair view is to be had of Maeterlinck's early writing upon life and conduct. It is a book written without rigorous method, composed, as he tells us himself, of oft-interrupted thoughts, that entwine themselves with more or less system around two or three subjects. It is not meant to convince or prove, and Maeterlinck takes the opportunity to say that books are less important than it has been claimed, telling us of a friend who said that it was well to love and admire the word Equanimity, which Antoninus Plus, when on his death-bed, gave as watchword to obsession love essay the captain of the guard, but better to spend the time given us by fortune to admire it in favour of the first little useful, living deed offered by the same fortune. And later in the book he says that truest morality bids us to traduire essayer cling to daily duties and with essay, acts of brotherly kindness. The book was published in 1898, two years after Le Trésor, and already Maeterlinck is farther away from the world of his early plays. He sees around him not only men who are oppressed by men and dissertation, events, but others with some kind of love inner force, which has its will not only with men, but even with the tagalog tungkol ko buhay events that surround them. Love. That is to say, Jesus Christ and Marcus Aurelius are not open to misfortunes of the same complexion as Hamlet and #140;dipus.

There is, he says now, no inner fatality, and much that now seems fatal is avoidable and is even human and homework help calculus, natural. As to resignation, he now sees that it may come to the pettiest; what is obsession with love essay, good is the ado essay questions thoughts and the feelings in whose name we embrace resignation. Wisdom, he says, is deeper than our consciousness, and it contains love which is not in reason; and again, that wisdom lies above all in those ideas that are not yet clear. Love. The sage suffers, but his wisdom helps him to convert the suffering and make the manner of his accepting it harmless. He compares the magnificent sorrow of a great man with the puny joy of another; this also is part of the list abbreviations research wisdom which is armed against destiny. And now he asks when men will give the place of with love importance to development life instead of to obsession death, and count the joy as well as the sorrow in computing a man's destiny. Help Calculus. Happiness, he says, can be taught and learnt.

He calls renunciation a virtue that is often a parasite, and with love, it does not produce wisdom; in much ado essay questions, fact, wisdom grows faster in happiness than in misfortune, while the with essay horizon of ado essay questions sorrow differs little from that of obsession essay happiness when surveyed from the height of help a lofty thought. Sacrifice, he says, should not be the means, but the with sign of ennoblement; for self-sacrifice is easier than the fulfilment of our spiritual destiny. Not only questions, sacrifices, but other acts, are higher when done consciously than when instinctive. Like Richard Jefferies and many others he says that the knowledge that he is obsession love, alone is a source of strength to man, and economic development, he asks, Where shall the with love virtue of man find more everlasting foundation than in the seeming injustice of God? The vastness of nature is still something of an obsession to him. We should act as if for tagalog essay tungkol, eternity, and yet know that whatever we do is insignificant.

Something in us makes us prefer tears in obsession love, an infinite world to perpetual happiness in a petty one. Justice is man's idea, and our instinct tells us that he who is morally right must be happier than he who is wrong. There is hermann, no waste of goodness. Even an obsession with essay unwise act may help a wise man; and again he insists that a man's reaches and attempts are more important than his achievements. He has no doubt of the essential happiness of Emily Brontë, because her life was intense. Yet he does not applaud mere loftiness of desire or dream which is characteristic of the weak and absorbs them entirely. A healthy vice is better than a morbid virtue.

Whereas he seemed in Le Trésor to encourage an indolent and amiable confusion of mind he now asks scornfully whether we think that anything will come in answer to homework mere vague desires, and his opening words allow us to see that he is conscious of the intangibility of the happiness, justice, and love of which he speaks, compared with the reality of the sorrow and injustice of life. The most dangerous thought is that which mistrusts reality, he writes -- perhaps in obsession with essay, correction of conclusions drawn from Le Trésor des Humbles. To the same cause perhaps may be attributed the statement that a man's thought will not change his place in the world, but his actions will, thought being solitary, wandering, fugitive, while each deed is economic, effected by with love ideas and desires with a foothold in essays, reality. Obsession With Love Essay. And again he contrasts thought which may be deceptive with the sincerity of human feeling. Nevertheless, La Sagesse et la Destinée, could be joined with its predecessor under the title of Le Trésor des Humbles. Both together offer a store of encouragement and economic, consolation for with essay, humble hearts. In the new book the same tolerance prevails. The deeper down we go into life, the more inevitable is it that the eye must watch and tagalog tungkol, approve and love every soul in existence, if for no other reason than that it has the mysterious gift of existence, and that it must be clear that falsehood and weakness and vice are superficial, and wickedness is only goodness bereft of its guide, and treachery is loyalty astray, and hatred is love digging its own grave. Balzac, he points out, can make the love emotion of a simple heart stir us as much as the help calculus passion of a king. And when, almost in the spirit of his early plays, he puts man beside the vastness of nature and with love essay, sees his littleness, he comes to homework calculus think that the extraordinary things in the life of saints, famous lovers, or generals, are illusions in comparison with the wisdom of an unambitious, healthy, honest man who does not desire to be anything but a man. He adds that everything beautiful, noble, or profound which is essay, possible to human life may be found in the simplest, most ordinary life.

Theoretical toleration and a large but indefinite sense of mystery are in the air. The tyranny of the too rigid and pretentious standards of conventional Christianity is being broken down. It has not been replaced, and, in much ado essay, the meantime, there is toleration -- and myriads of intolerances. The predominance of the middle class has helped also to obsession with love essay produce a widespread craving' for anything that will vividly contrast with the life of this class. Peasants, princes, ancient heroes, seamen, children, saints, savages, vagabonds, criminals, animals, flowers, nature generally, have been visited for relief by artists and spectators of this class. Even the maniac has found his praiser -- not merely his pitiful chronicler, like Herrick, or Cowper, or Wordsworth. Ernest Dowson has a poem To One in Bedlam, and sees in help calculus, his melancholy something germane to the stars and enviable. O lamentable brother! he exclaims: Am I not fain of all thy fine eyes promise me; Half a fool's kingdom, far from men who sow and reap.

All their days, vanity? Better than mortal flowers. Thy moon-kissed roses seem: better than love or sleep, The star-crowned solitude of thine oblivious hours! Here is the contrast between the freedom of madness and the entrammelled life of those who sow and reap vanity. Anywhere out of the world, as Baudelaire cries, and, following modestly behind, a multitude is willing to see in dreaming, in childhood, in what is untouched by routine, law, and with love, custom an ado essay escape from what is clear, limited, and with essay, fixed.

Another modern poet, Francis Thompson, writes of much ado essay a maid in love, almost in the words of Maeterlinck, as: Best said by obsession triviality . With daintiest babble shows her sense. That full speech were full impotence; And while she feels the traduire essayer heavens lie bare -- She only talks about her hair. It is this common truth of with experience that Maeterlinck wishes to draw from its retreat in our unconsciousness and make it serve not only traduire en espagnol, as a memorial but as a prophecy, not only as an isolated fact but as a rule.

Mostly town-dwellers, living sheltered lives and pursuing occupations that do not satisfy them, the people whom he addresses have much leisure and much solitude, and the characteristic occupation of the less active is reading. If they cannot have real peasants, princes, heroes, maniacs, etc., they must have conventional exaggerations of them, if they do not prefer these to the real. And along with these tastes have gone many attempts to obsession essay preserve or to ameliorate the condition of the peasants, children, etc. Essayer. To this middle class, and to with the humble or more hesitating members of it, Maeterlinck makes a sweet and insinuating appeal. No writer is more tolerant, more mysterious than he, and none is more easy, if as easy, to read. The writing is graceful, and as decorative as is compatible with extreme fluency. It can be read for the pure unintellectual pleasure of reading. Nothing in the thought or style can shock, amuse, or astonish -- not because the hermann books contain nothing shocking, amusing, or astonishing, but because the grave air of the whole enchants or hypnotizes. It exalts without disturbing, making us feel that we are greater than we know. We do not envy Maleine and Mélisande and with love essay, Alladine and Ygraine the majesty of woe which was given to them by the corridors and impassable doors of their castles, and the dungeons and caverns below them, and ado essay, the surrounding forests, and the sea and with love, the seabirds.

The meanest of essay tungkol us has a yet more majestic stage for with, his joys and sorrows in the breadth of eternity and the complication of hesse unintelligible laws. Take, for example, the following passage from the essay called L'Etoile: Les paysans écossais ont un mot qui pourrait s'appliquer à toutes les existences. Dans leurs légendes ils appellent Fey l'état d'un homme qu'une sorte d'irrésistible impulsion intérieure entraîne, malgré tous ses efforts, malgré tous les conseils et les secours, vers une inévitable catastrophe. C'est ainsi que Jacques pr, le Jacques de Catherine Douglas, était Fey en allant, malgré les presages terribles de la terre, de l'enfer et du ciel, passer les fêtes de Noël dans le sombre château de Perth, oh l'attendait son assassin, le traitre Robert Graeme. Qui de nous, s'il se rappelle les circonstances du malheur le plus décisif de sa vie, ne s'est senti possédé de la sorte? Il est bien entendu que je ne parle ici que de malheurs actifs, de ceux qu'il eût été possible d'éviter; car il est des malheurs passifs, comme la mort d'un étre adoré, qui nous rencontrent simplement et sur lesquels nos mouvements ne sauraient avoir aucune influence. Souvenez-vous du jour fatal de votre vie. Qui de nous n'a été prévenu; et bien qu'il nous semble aujourd'hui que toute la destinée eût pu étre changée par un pas qu'on n'aurait point fait, une porte qu'on n'aurait pasouverte une main qu'on n'aurait pas levée, qui de nous n'a lutté vainément sans force et sans espoir sur la crête des parois de l'abîme, contre une force invisible et qui paraissait sans puissance? La souffle de cette porte que j'ai ouverte, un soir, devait éteindre à jamais mon bonheur, comme il aurait éteint une lampe débile; et maintenant, lorsque j'y songe, je ne puis pas me dire que je ne savais pas . Love. Et cependent, rien d'important ne m'avait amené sur le seuil.

Je pouvais m'en aller en haussant les épaules, aucune raison humaine ne pouvait me forcer à frapper au vantail. #133;..Aucune raison humaine; rien que la destinde. Such a passage at once belittles and aggrandizes the common mortality of us all by colouring with the temperament of one man experiences that, as a rule, go for traduire essayer, little and are forgotten. When we read these things we can say of him what he said of Emerson, that he vindicated the grandeur of life, and has made a pathway of light for the workman leaving his workshop; that he has given a meaning which is almost sufficient to this life, which had lost its traditional horizon, and perhaps has shown us that it is so strange, profound, and obsession with essay, mighty that there is no need of any aim but itself. He does not know more of it than the others; but he makes affirmations with more courage and has confidence in the mystery. Ko Buhay. He does not stand alone. If a man has understood and accepted Wordsworth's -- Let Nature be your teacher. She has a world of obsession essay ready wealth, Our minds and hearts to bless -- Spontaneous wisdom breathed by health, Truth breathed by cheerfulness.

One impulse from a vernal wood. May teach you more of man, Of moral evil and of good, Than all the en espagnol sages can -- -- if a man has understood this Maeterlinck offers no difficulties and few novelties. Maeterlinck's early essays are entirely without the modern feeling for Nature; but what has Wordsworth left him to say about the wisdom of a child -- that best philosopher? -- On whom those truths do rest, Which we are toiling all our lives to find. More than a century earlier Thomas Traherne was praising and lamenting the learned and the happy ignorance of childhood, wishing to return again to infancy to improve his manhood. How wise was I in obsession love essay, infancy! he cries. He desires simplicity, and is weary not only of adult worldliness, but of ado essay questions all that since the Fall mine eyes on obsession essay, earth can find; and a quiet, silent person seems to him one who may possess all that is great or good in blessedness, for -- The other were occasion'd by the Fall.

Except where his thought is confused by homework help superficial religious forms he is much like the author of Le Trésor des Humbles. Like him, and like Rousseau, he sees in man's eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge the cause of his fall from Nature, much as the theologian sees in with essay, the same event the cause of his fall from God -- in the words of Mr. Irving Babbitt's New Laokoon. Much Ado Essay. To the passages quoted from Wordsworth should be added a phrase or two from Blake's Everlasting Gospel, such as -- Thy own humanity learn to adore. Or these words on the life of Jesus: A wandering vagrant without home,

And thus he others' labours stole, That he might live above control. The publicans and with love, harlots he. Selected for his company, And from the much ado essay questions adulteress turned away.

God's righteous law that lost its play. Or these, from Auguries of Innocence : Doth make a cherub cease to sing . A truth that's told with bad intent. Beats all the lies you can invent . He who mocks the infant's faith. Shall be mocked in age and death. If these things had been understood there would have been no need for Maeterlinck to obsession with write or us to read. Seventeen hundred years ago an old Epicurean of Cappadocia inscribed upon a wall these words of a faith which doubtless included all that has been learnt -- apart from books -- ever since: There is nothing to fear in God. There is nothing to development feel in death. Essay. That which man desires can be attained.

That which man dreads can be endured. (Professor Gilbert Murray, Hibbert Journal , October 1910.) Wherever we turn we can see the thoughts of Maeterlinck. Development. At the beginning of De Quincey's essay, On the love essay Knocking at the Gate in 'Macbeth,' for example, is a remark upon the feebleness of the understanding, which is as forcible as anything in Maeterlinck. Here, says De Quincey, I pause for one moment, to exhort the reader never to pay any attention to his understanding when it stands in abbreviations paper, opposition to any other faculty of his mind. The mere understanding, however useful and indispensable, is the meanest faculty in the human mind, and the most to be distrusted . Nor could a reader have been surprised to love find in the essay On Women the very words of the essay tungkol ko buhay man in Browning's Cristina: As she fixed me, she felt clearly,

Ages past the obsession soul existed, Here an age 'tis resting merely, And hence fleets again for ages, While the questions true end, sole and single, It stops here for is, this love-way, With some other soul to mingle. Browning, in particular, gives many instances of seeming magical intuition.

In A Blot in the 'Scutcheon, for example, one who has just rashly killed another in a duel is told that, if he had but listened to his enemy's explanation, all would have been well; but he exclaims: The moon on his flushed cheek, I gathered all. The story ere he told it: I saw through. The troubled surface of his crime and yours. A depth of purity immovable; Had I but glanced, where all seemed turbidest, Had gleamed some inlet to the calm beneath; I would not glance: my punishment's at hand. But even if a hundred men should wear out their eyesight and find sources or precedents for every thought in Maeterlinck, they would not thus lower his position. The combination of them is his own, and he can reach ears that are closed to obsession with love Blake. The new, the homework calculus unique thing in obsession love, his books is in fact Maeterlinck.

He is the advocate, and the preacher. He does not originate, but expands with subtle eloquence what he has learnt from Plato, Plotinus, Porphyry, Marcus Aurelius, Behmen, Ruysbroeck, Novalis, Amiel, Carlyle, Emerson, Ruskin, and the rest. Help Calculus. He addresses, not philosophers or scholars, but the humble, the magazine readers, the obsession love essay general public, and he is neither technical nor obscure. As a rule the mystics have not been easy to understand, because they speak with tongues which the rest have to learn with much labour; not being artists their language owes its depth, not to tradition, but apparently to immediate inspiration, and it is turbid from transit out of the heavens. Maeterlinck is perfectly clear. Calculus. Though warm, he is not disturbed. He can draw upon all the resources of obsession essay eloquence. It is tagalog, worth while noticing how often he uses words of a certain colour to produce his own effect. Look, for example, at the essay on The Predestined, how well weighted with pathos it is by with love essay the few mothers of the opening sentence, by the words sad, gentle, piteous, strange, grave, mysterious, timid, beseeching, etc. Hermann Hesse. The following sentences from with love, Les Avertis are a good example of the means taken to make the predestined children effective; and they are not unfairly chosen as a specimen of Maeterlinck's early style: Au collége nous les discernions obscurément.

Ils semblaient se chercher et se fuir à la fois comme ceux qui ont la même infirmité. On les voyait à l'écart sous les arbres du jardin. Ils avaient la même gravité sous un sourire plus interrompu et plus immatériel que le nôtre, et je ne sais quel air d'avoir peur de trahir un secret. Presque toujours ils se taisaient lorsque ceux qui devaient vivre s'approchaient de leur groupe . Parlaient-ils déjà de l'événement, ou bien savaien-tils que l'événement parlait à travers eux et malgré eux, et l'entouraient-ils ainsi afin de le cacher aux yeux indifférents? It is essayer, not easy to obsession with love essay say whether this indicates a peculiar experience of the writer's, or rather a peculiar method of remembering events, or of transfiguring memory, or adorning it; but I incline to think that the difference from the ordinary is much, one of style and not of experience, The presque toujours is an exceedingly impressive modification, and yet not convincing. It is the obsession with essay artist of Alladine et Palomides who draws the picture of some of those predestined beings lingering a little longer than the economic development dissertation rest, looking at men with an eager smile, and then towards their twentieth year slipping away with muffled footsteps from among men; who makes it evening, a sudden evening, when we dare not look at these persons, because it is as if they were on life's further shore, and now we feel that it is time for with love essay, saying something deeper than common, saying something that is homework help calculus, piteously struggling and craving to be spoken. The sentimentality of the chapter is perfectly unrestrained. Then observe the veiled queens, as he calls our intuitions, in Mystic Morality, thus recalling the queens who steered the death-barge of Arthur. Superlatives abound; words of terror, mystery, and darkness are continually used; words, above all, of tenderness, sorrow, resignation -- as when he speaks of lovers recognizing one another, and speaking tearfully like a girl who has found a lost sister; or women in obsession love, their little homes, one bending forward, another sobbing; or the essay ko buhay soul smiling a meek, resigned smile; or turning the past into nothing but a few saddened smiles, and obsession with essay, thus mastering the future; or learning how to weep in the silence of humblest kindliness.

When he wishes to describe the essayer en espagnol timidity of the divine in man, he says that upon it rests the tender meekness of the little ailing girl for whom her mother will not send when strangers come to the house. With Love Essay. In La Sagesse et la Destinde this eloquence is less obvious, but essentially the traduire essayer en espagnol same, and we smile when he pleads that we diminish things if they are expressed in words, for in the same chapter he asks whether, if we become pure, we shall conceal our petty motives from the angels before us, and then, ill the next sentence, whether there is not much in with love, us that will need the pity of the gods on the mountain. The eloquence which gave modern Selysette her tower gives each of Maeterlinck's ideas at list research paper, least a rag of royal purple. Once, in La Sagesse et la Destinde, he is so carried away by his description of a stream as an image of the man who is oppressed by obsession essay fate that he beholds it staggering -- struggling -- and traduire essayer, climbing as well as falling. And no better proof of the power of this eloquence could be given than its effect upon the admirable translator, Mr. Alfred Sutro.

In the thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh sections of obsession essay his translation of paper La Sagesse et la Destinée, for example, may be felt the rhythm of numerous dimly veiled hexameters and pentameters, often several in succession. What makes hexameters and pentameters in obsession with, Mr. Sutro's prose probably produces a corresponding effect in those readers who are not also writers. But Maeterlinck's store of economic development eloquence is richer yet. He has his clear and obsession, sweet style, his sentimentally coloured words, his infectious rhythms, and he has the vague, often in alliance with exaggeration, as in Le Réveil de l'Âme, where he speaks of spiritual phenomena manifesting themselves in the workaday lives of the humblest -- mysterious, direct workings, that bring soul nearer to soul, and economic development, where he asserts that all that men in other generations have learned of the with love essay heart, soul, and spirit has been handed down to us. Phrases abound like that where he speaks of words in poetry revealing, I know not what intangible and homework calculus, unceasing striving of the soul towards its own beauty and truth, of the essay thousands of mysteries surrounding us, of the inexplicable within ourselves. He tells us that if we look at the sky instead of at the wall before the embrace of love, the embrace will not be the same.

In one place he tells us that we must not despise ourselves if we are saddened by another's happiness, because farther on the road we shall find what will not sadden us, and, if we do not, it matters little: something there was that was not sad. When in Wisdom and Destiny he bids us live ready to welcome a great revelation, he tells us that we must crave for it, desire it as lofty, perfect, vast, ennobling,'' beautiful, glorious, ample; and that, whether it accords with our hopes or not, it will add to us what is nobler and loftier. He alludes often to beauty, justice, love, and feelings that are noblest and loftiest. His defence is in one place that he can only be understood by those having the same point of sensibility as himself, and in another that the best in us lies in tagalog ko buhay, those ideas that are not yet clear. Maeterlinck has another advantage, perhaps the obsession with love greatest of all, in his extraordinary experience. Mr.

Sutro has told us, in en espagnol, the Introduction to his translation of La Sagesse et la Destinée, that Maeterlinck used often to watch the obsession quiet and monotonous life of the Flemish peasants near his home, and that he often peeped into one cottage where lived seven brothers and a sister, all old, toothless, worn, who worked together and in the evening sat together silent or talking with repetitions like those of Les Aveugles. Hermann. In The Predestined he speaks of the mystery that almost finds expression in the presence of one of these strange beings, but not quite. He tells us that he has often seen such things happen, and obsession love, once before his brother died, though he characteristically tells us nothing definite. In the same chapter he tells us how he has noticed presentiments and strange signs in the faces of men who were to die even by accident. A page later he reveals that he has known many destined to homework calculus die by the same death, and that at school he and others were vaguely conscious of them; yet further they were observed to frequent certain places together and he knew their looks perfectly. Still more remarkable is the experience, mentioned in Mystic Morality, of standing before the obsession corpse of his bitterest enemy, or several of his bitterest enemies perhaps. He would perhaps wish us to help be impressed by the breath of air from an opening door which was to destroy his happiness for ever; but he can only say that, when thinking of with it now, he cannot persuade himself that he was not at the moment aware of what was to happen.

There is a touch of the incredibly romantic -- or is it only much, immaturity? -- about with, these personal references, and it is to those which are simpler that we turn when we feel the lack of roots in Maeterlinck. Dissertation. They are not to be found in the essay on women, nor easily perhaps in any part of Le Trésor. In La Sagesse et la Destinde they are commoner. It is obsession with love, Maeterlinck we see in the writer who insists on the humbleness of man's place on earth, who can give no reasons for a rule except out of homework help calculus his feelings, and obsession, who says that a sage might well answer the question, whether it would be good or not for hermann hesse, the Jews to vanish or to love essay preponderate, with the words: In what comes to pass will be happiness. Significant is his comment upon economic, the death of Emily Brontë, unmarried in her twenty-ninth year, that it is with essay, sad to die a virgin, because it is every one's duty to offer to calculus his destiny all that can be offered to the destiny of man. Another curious passage is one that begins If God there be. With Essay. As a pendant to this should be taken the sentences where he says that the tranquillity and calmness of any man's soul are due to human virtues, and that Fénélon's, for example, were due rather to his loyalty to questions Madame Guyon and his love for the Dauphin than to the promise of his religion -- which reminds us of the Christian Wordsworth calling this earth the place where we have our happiness or not at all. Obsession With Love. Other readers may find other passages of this boldly revealing kind, but most would perhaps agree that they are few for such a book. They are not enough to add to the weight of the ideas and hesse, the eloquence that also of a human personality.

The tenderness and love, pity, the placidity compounded of gentle resignation and hope, the sense of terror and vastness, and also of the beauty), of life, are not of them he is aware of much ado essay questions infinity and eternity. These intense enough to define a personality as well as a type. Obsession Essay. But I am not sure; the wistful optimism is perhaps peculiar to Maeterlinck, and much questions, his frequently vague intangibility as well. These qualities, at least, have done most to recommend him to men, these and the ideas, common in obsession with essay, themselves, which in him attain a noticeable combination. Above all, he preaches the mystery and greatness of life on earth, of everything in this life and of every one. He would make the depth of this mystery and the height of this greatness so universal that the old crude judgments of men should appal us. Though he sometimes lets slip a phrase about ko buhay, a common or petty soul, his writing suggests that there is obsession love, no such thing, and that all men are equal except in appearances, and that all men are different. Economic. Divine, which used to be the most honouring of compliments, he would either apply to all men or substitute for it, with implied increase of honour, the epithet human. Not that he wishes or thinks it possible to destroy all distinctions, but that for obsession with, the time being this fundamental equality in list abbreviations, spirit seems to with essay him to be the one thing needful to mention after its obscurity and traduire essayer en espagnol, ignominy of ages. He condemns no man; he would have us condemn no man.

Nor is it only every man and every woman and obsession with love, every child that he exalts, but every action. The subtlety of our actions and the lost profundity of their sources weigh upon essayer, him like the silence of those infinite spaces upon obsession love, Pascal, and behind each one of them he is aware of infinity and eternity. These spaces terrify him still; the homework help calculus enormity of Nature and the might of chance terrify him without overwhelming, and though they make men pigmies in aspect yet they dignify them still more. For the creator and obsession, ruler of traduire en espagnol such beings, the various benevolent, insolent, or indifferent powers that have been called God seem to obsession essay him inadequate, and he uses the word sparingly and either without conviction or simply in connection with persons who used it when they were alive. Like the poets and like the homework help calculus religious writers of old, he makes men familiar with the idea that life is with essay, not what it seems and is never so little, and his quiet tones are all the more startling after the bullying roars of Carlyle and much, Ruskin. He is kindly, and with, never dogmatic; he proposes nothing difficult; he will inflict no painful searching of heart, and to such as expect physic to be nasty he is disappointing. It must be hard to be a true and full mystic after having read Plato, Plotinus, Ruysbroeck, Behmen, Novalis, and the rest; but only list, a mystic could rightly judge the reality of Maeterlinck's mysticism, and he would not judge at all.

He must be left to mystic Life itself to be judged. In the meantime I can only say that I find in these two books a certain appearance of facility and obsession with love essay, unreality, as of one whose power of expression exceeded his thought and experience but not his reading; and the voice might be that of one coming out of a library, not a wilderness.

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The company therefore had experience in what it truly meant to create a new branded energy drink which would serve to with love essay, be useful, as the strategy would be similar. Entering a new product market. Traduire Essayer En Espagnol! A second strength the obsession with essay, company possesses is their Integrated Business Model. This provides opportunities for net sales and list abbreviations research profit growth through the alignment of the economic interest of its brand ownership and obsession love essay its bottling and distribution business. Thirdly, they have strong and long standing customer relationships.

This is so important for the success of a company. They have a wide range of strong relationships from bottlers and distributors, to tagalog tungkol, national retailers, large food service, and convenience store customers. They also have strong relationships with some of the love, most important U.S. retailers including Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, and development Target. Essay! Another strength is their attractive positioning within a large, growing, and profitable market. They hold the tagalog essay ko buhay, number three position in the United States, Canada, and Mexico beverage market. The company has a great competitive edge, as they cater to the need for convince and the demand for product with health and with wellness benefits more so than any of their competitors. Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. also has a broad geographic manufacturing and distribution coverage. They have 21 manufacturing facilities and approximately 200 distribution centers in traduire essayer en espagnol the United States. The company has strategically laced their warehouse at or near bottling pants and with geographically dispersed them across sales regions to ensure company products are available to meet consumer demand. This enables them to better align their operations with customers, reduce transportation costs, and have greater control over the timing and tungkol coordination of new product launches. Another strength is their strong operating margins and significant stable cash flows.

The breadth and strength of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. product portfolio has enabled the company to generate strong operating margins, which combined with relatively modest capital expenditures, have delivered significant and stable cash flows. Obsession With Love! This in development dissertation turn creates stockholder value by enabling the company to consider a variety of obsession love alternatives, such as investing in its business, reducing debt and returning capital to ado essay, its stockholders. Lastly, they have an experienced executive management team. They all have an average of more than 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. The team has a broad experience in brand ownership, bottling, distribution, and enjoys strong relations both within the industry and love with major customers. They also have diverse skills that support operating strategies, including driving organic growth through target and efficient marketing, reducing operating costs, enhancing distribution efficiencies, aligning manufacturing, bottling, distribution interests, and executing strategic acquisitions. Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. realized they had a weakness, as they were the only major nonalcoholic beverage company with no energy drink brand of their own. They also recognized an opportunity, no company had yet positioned themselves as an adult energy drink. Going into development dissertation the Energy beverage market also seemed to correlate with what their future and obsession love current goals were. Industry analysts were projecting an average annual growth rate of homework 10.5 percent from 2007 to 2011.

Also, since their current demographic was more health conscious then the competition, which gives them a competitive competency, they also had another untapped opportunity to market their energy drink by with, differentiation. Currently, there are five major competitors that dominate the U.S. energy beverage market: Red Bull North America, Hansen Natural Corporation, Pepsi-Cola, Rockstar Inc., and tagalog essay ko buhay Coca-Cola. Pepsi and obsession love essay Coca-Cola also compete with what Dr Pepper already offers from an industry and market point of view. Sadly, when it comes to list paper, advertising funds available, Dr Pepper has some funds available, but not nearly close to what Red Bull has. With that being the case, we feel that an avoidance of the competition, by going the route of a product innovation technique by means of differentiation, would be the best route for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. to be successful. There are some warning signs in with love essay the industry.

The energy beverage market has experienced product proliferation and en espagnol price erosion in recent years. Obsession Essay! Proliferation resulted from line extensions new packaging and size, and market segmentation. Existing brands also typically offer regular and sugar free verities which have a sizeable share already in the market. Help Calculus! Brand position typically emphasizes an energy boost, metal alertness, refreshment, and obsession love taste. Traduire En Espagnol! This is why our product differentiation positioning is with love, so important for the brand to be truly successful. Several opportunities for product differentiation exist. Economic Development! One of which are the ingredients. Specifically, a new brand could augment the obsession with love essay, energy and mental alertness benefits by increasing the tungkol ko buhay, amount of herbs, vitamins, and natural ingredients. Obsession Love Essay! Secondly, no brand has positioned itself as an adult energy drink.

Adults between the ages of 35 to 54 consumed energy beverages at a rate that was only slightly less than consumers under 24. Thirdly, the packaging. All the energy brands on the market lacked meaningful differentiation. They all looked the same. With the product, they felt it would be smart to introduce a new drink with a re-sealable lid, something that would stand out in the crowd. The current energy beverage consumer typically consists of males between the tungkol, ages of 18-24. Energy beverages are most often consumed in the afternoon, the second most popular time of obsession with love essay day is morning consumption. Convenience stores and supermarkets are the dominant off-premise retail channels for energy beverages.

In general, energy beverage manufactures with a broad product line and an extensive distribution network have had the greatest success in gaining shelf space in supermarkets and mass merchandisers for their brand. This would correlate with Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. Economic Development Dissertation! strength of having great relationships with their vendors. We would recommend that they follow suit with partnerships with the dominate off-premise retail channels, but as a more health conscious beverage. The solution that we came up with for the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group was to incorporate all of these opportunities into a new product called RAM, which stands for with love Real Alive Micro-Nutrients. The product’s target market will be adults ages 25- 44 both males and females, who are interested in their health.

In specific we are targeting the working middle class. Our average consumer would be someone working long hours that need constant energy throughout the abbreviations research paper, day, even after work when they need to go home and love essay take care of their families. They are constantly on the go and homework help calculus busy. When developing a new product you must implement the obsession with essay, marketing mix. The first being the product, RAM energy drink. Our product is focused on much ado essay, providing the same alert and love energized feeling as traditional energy drinks, without including ingredients that have harmful side effects. Other drinks such as Red Bull can lead to dangers such as cardiac arrest, headaches, insomnia, type two diabetes, and many other health issues (Top 10 Energy Drink Dangers).

Our new product RAM, will be replacing ingredients that lead to these dangers with more vitamins. For example our product will not include ingredients such as Carnitine, Guarnana, Ginseng, and much ado essay questions Ginko Biloba. Love! All of which are commonly used in energy beverages but there presence is not clearly reflected on their labels. Instead they cover it up by listing them as “part of a 5000- mg energy blend” these ingredients can be extremely dangerous (Higgens). Instead, we will have ingredients such as Iron, Biotin, Zinc, Omega -3 fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D. All of these attributes to healthy energy levels but are a more natural way of doing so. Another detail of RAM will be lower calories, right now out of the hesse essays, five leading companies in the energy beverage market, not including sugar free products, Monster has the lowest calories being 200 per 16oz can. We want our product RAM to be around 150 calories per bottle, with only about 25 grams of sugar. Compared to with essay, Monster, which has 54 grams of sugar. Traduire Essayer En Espagnol! RAM will also only be made up of obsession with essay natural flavors with no added artificial flavors or colors added, whereas the other lead competitors all ad coloring and most admit to adding artificial flavoring when some do not list the specification, which usually means they are trying to hide something. We want our customers to know every little ingredient that makes up RAM and hopefully this will build trust and relationships in questions return. Many people are just now starting to notice all of the potential dangers that energy drinks contain, which is why our product will stand out with, as a healthier choice that offers the same benefits.

The look of economic development dissertation our product will be completely unlike any other energy drink, which are usually un-sealable cans. RAM will be sold in a 17 ounce recyclable cardboard bottle with a re-sealable screw on cap, similar to love, those that Vita Coco coconut water uses. This type of bottling will fit better with the target market’s lifestyle because the container will be easier to bring on the go with no spills or messes. They are also able to abbreviations research, drink some now and easily save the rest for later. When designing the prototype of the obsession with, bottle we choose the colors dark blue and black so that they would be gender neutral and attract the more mature market. The label is hermann essays, also clear and easy to read. We suggest that RAM only starts off introducing two flavors and see how they perform and introducing a new flavor within the next 8 months of the campaign. The two flavors to start with might be RAM berry and citrus, because they are common and consumers might be more willing to try. From there they can extend the product line even further by offering a sugar-free option and even being sold in with essay packs of four or large cases. The next aspect of the marketing mix to look at with RAM is pricing.

We think that it is help, best to price themselves competitively at about $2.15 a bottle. Which is obsession essay, only a few cents cheaper than drinks such as Monster and Amp depending on the location. The third part of the marketing mix is list abbreviations paper, place. Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. With Love! has a wide range of strong relationships from abbreviations research paper, bottlers and distributors, to national retailers, large food service, and convenience stores, such as 7-11, and their customers. They also have strong relationships with some of the most important U.S. retailers including Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, and Target. Building on their current strength of market channels, we felt that off premise retailers would represent the best choice for the product to be carried. Lastly, we have to figure out the promotion that will be used for RAM. Since our funds are low compared to competitors, and we are going to avoid any conflict, we will be focusing on obsession love essay, giving out economic dissertation, samples while the product is being first introduced.

We recommend the company hires sales reps to go to obsession with, local grocery stores, with whom they already are doing business with, to give out tagalog tungkol ko buhay, samples to customers for them to try the new drink. Obsession Love! It would also be a good idea to promote the new brand at events such races, athletic games, and concerts that our target market would be attending. This can be as simple as setting up a tent offering free samples and coupons. We also recommend using social media as a platform because it is calculus, extremely cost efficient and we can easily select our target. By means of analyzing the obsession with love essay, company’s strengths, tactics, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats, we were able to much ado essay questions, come up with a product that would be successful. Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. vision statement says, “It is our vision to be the best beverage business in the Americas. Our brands have been synonymous with refreshment, fun, and flavor for generations, and our sales are poised to keep growing into the future.” We feel that by with love essay, building on their current strengths and marketing a product by means of differentiation through its ingredients, demographic, unisex packaging, and partnerships with loyal vendors, we will have a success with RAM. Real, Alive, Micro-nutrients. Higgens, John. List Abbreviations Research! “Energy Beverage: Content and Safety.” (2011). Print.

“Top 10 Energy Drink Dangers.” Caffeine Informer. 24 Apr. 2012. Web. University/College: University of Arkansas System. Type of obsession with love essay paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 2 June 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. for only $16.38 $13.9/page. Haven't found the Essay You Want? Get your custom essay sample.

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