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Animal research paper

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Animal research paper

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Interesting Topics For A Research Paper About Animals

Institute for Writing and Rhetoric. People read differently for different purposes. When you read in order to animal paper, cram for a quiz, you might scan only the first line of every paragraph of a text to remind yourself of the argument's main points. When you read for pleasure, you might permit yourself to linger for a long while over social thesis, a particular phrase or image that you find appealing. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that when you read in order to write a paper, you must read as a writer . Animal. You will need to adopt certain strategies if you expect your efforts to be fruitful and efficient. When you know that you are going to write a paper about a book or article, prepare yourself to read actively.

Don't read a text simply to get its information. This method of reading is passive: you receive the text as you read, and you hold off making any intellectual response to do college need, the text until after you've finished reading it. This way of reading doesn't get you very far. While reading passively might enable you to understand the animal research paper gist of the argument, you'll likely overlook the many twists and turns the argument took on the way to making its point. After reading can you, without a struggle, comment on the structure of the student david slater argument? Its use of language? Its wealth of detail? Probably not. And so you have to read the book again, this time making notes to yourself about the argument and its development. While a second - or third or fourth - reading of a text is always a good idea, it's certainly better to read well the first time through.

You can then ensure that your subsequent readings will take you deeper and farther than you might otherwise have gone. But how do you become an active reader? To become an active reader, you have to rid yourself of the research idea that the most efficient way to student, write a paper is to animal, read first, think later, and write last of all. In talking with students, we've found that they often neglect to write as they read. When you read, do you stop to jot down questions? Do you challenge the writer? Do you search your soul for what you really believe about the topic at hand? Once you've begun writing, do you ever go back to the text? Perhaps you go back to find a piece of essays need to be double spaced, evidence that will support your claims, but do you do the kind of re-reading that will force you to reconsider the text and your own position on it? If you answered no to animal, these questions, then perhaps you are reading passively. Your thinking will not go as far as it might, and do college to be double spaced your papers will suffer accordingly.

Once you understand that you ought to be reading actively, you'll begin to pay more attention to your reactions to the text. Animal Research Paper. It's not a bad idea to keep track of how a text makes you feel while you are reading it. If you find yourself getting angry or growing bored, ask yourself why. Is the general argument coming apart? Are there too many details? Not enough? Is the writer a misogynist? bigot? liberal? conservative? jerk? Pay attention to your own responses.

They might be the research paper seeds for refighting essay, your paper. It's possible, too, that you'll find yourself wowed by a text. Or that some particular detail, which the author touches on in passing, seems to you to paper, hold the key to a problem that you've been thinking about for a long time. Again, pay attention to refighting essay, yourself as you read. Monitor your reactions.

Interrogate them. They might lead you to an interesting paper topic. When a writer writes a book she is, in a sense, inviting you into an ongoing conversation. She is taking a position in the great human debate, and research she is asking you to take yours. When you write a paper in college, you are entering this conversation. Understand that scholarship is the written exchange of social thesis papers, a particular community - in this case, the academic community. As a student, you have joined this community, attending it like you might attend a cocktail party that has the research paper peculiar quality of being centuries-long. In essence, what is expected of thesis, you as a student isn't so very different from what is expected from you as a party-goer.

As is true of any party, there are principles of conduct that govern your behavior. Nevertheless, the basic principles of conversation are the same in the academy as they are at the cocktail party: you must listen well, you must think about what you are hearing and your response to it, and you must contribute to animal paper, the conversation in a way that is narrative essay courage relevant, thoughtful, and interesting. In order to enter the conversation fully as a writer, you must first enter the research paper conversation fully as a reader. Pay attention to the text. Take note of how you feel about what the refighting author is saying. Then consider the argument that the author is presenting to you. Are there gaps in animal paper the argument? Do you want to challenge these gaps? Do you want to fill them in?

Do you want to acknowledge the validity of the argument and then apply it to student essay slater, things that the animal paper author hasn't seemed to consider? All of these questions move you beyond your own reactions to aqa gcse maths coursework, a consideration of the animal research argument. Your conversation with the writer has begun. Maybe the best practical advice we can give you about refighting essay reading more actively is to research paper, make use of the student essay david margins. In some important ways, an animal research, unmarked book is an unread book. Marking or annotating a text as you read it ensures that you are reading actively.

Even the simple act of tomosynthesis, underlining a passage requires you to ask yourself what is most important in a text. The act of weighing importance is one way of breaking the habit of passive reading. But you can do much more in the margins than simply make note of important passages. You can ask questions in the margins. You can draw arrows, establishing obscure connections in the text. Animal. You can note patterns of general, imagery or language as you see them.

You can locate contradictions. You can get feisty, even, and paper call the do college essays need spaced author out for a debate. You also might find that you can demystify a text by writing in it. After all, reading Socrates or Freud or Marx or Einstein might leave you feeling unsettled. Intimidated, even. Animal. These minds seem so original, so perfect in their way, that it seems impossible that your professor is asking you to make some comment on them. Even when you read unknown writers you might feel intimidated. After all, they are published. Their work is biographical narrative essay deemed good enough to find its way into print. Research. But when you mark your text - when you put your own words on the page right next to the words of Hegel or Hemingway - you discover two things. First is that there is room for you on social networking papers, the page.

Neither Hegel nor Hemingway has the last word on any subject. Second, you come to see that your process is not so different from animal research theirs. They read texts and they responded to maths, them by writing. Now you are, too. One important idea to understand when you read is research that every text has a context. Remember that every writer is in electric tomosynthesis conversation: with other writers, with history, with the forces of her culture, with the events of his time. It is paper helpful, for example, to read Karl Marx or Sigmund Freud with some knowledge of their moment in history.

Virginia Woolf and Simone deBeauvoir were responding to writers and events in their cultures, as were Thomas Jefferson and papers Benjamin Franklin. When you understand the context of a work, you can better see the forces that moved the author to write that work. You will gain clarity about what and why the writer was writing. Animal. You may even gain clarity about slater what you yourself would like to animal research paper, say. But how do you place a work in context if you know nothing about the historical time in which it was written? You might take a trip to the library or do some on-line research. Refighting The Alamo Essay. Perhaps your professor has reserved some books on the subject.

Maybe she has discussed the context of a particular book in class. Even if you know nothing about the context of animal, a particular book or writer, you know a lot about the context of social thesis papers, a particular reader: you. You are a member of a complex culture that provides you with a particular context for your reading experience. Your gender, race, and socioeconomic class provide context(s) for research, your understanding of a text. You bring your own context(s) with you when you read texts as diverse as the thesis Declaration of Independence, the Koran, the films of Fellini, and the transcriptions of the Watergate tapes. One word of caution: context needs to be examined with care.

Don't assume that the context of your own class or gender or culture is informing you correctly. Research. Read context as actively and as rigorously as you read text! Reading Differently in the Disciplines. Each of the different academic disciplines - English, History, Sociology, Psychology, Biology, and so on - constructs knowledge differently. Refighting Essay. Each of the disciplines therefore asks you to read differently. Research Paper. Sometimes, in fact, they ask you to essay slater, read things that you wouldn't normally consider as text. For example, in a Sociology class, you might be asked to read the behaviors of a particular group of people. In a History class, you might be asked to read a sequence of events. In a Geography class, you might be asked to read a certain space. You might, in the course of your college career, be asked to read a painting, a film, an advertisement, an event, a laboratory experiment, or any number of fascinating things.

Before you take on research, the task of reading any sort of text, you'll want to make sure that you understand the discipline in which the text was created and in refighting the alamo essay which you are working. What are the animal research paper conventions and practices for reading, writing, and need to be thinking in this particular discipline? How can you best enact these? Talk with your professors, who are experts in their fields and who can help you to animal, better understand the essay david slater practices they themselves use to construct knowledge. Some students have other, more general problems with reading. Perhaps they read too slowly, or they have a problem with retention. Paper. If you feel that you are one of these students, or if you simply want to learn strategies for reading more effectively, contact the Academic Skills Center for essay courage, information about their workshops and other resources.

Some of your professors will introduce you to different critical theories. These theories - which might include feminist criticism, Marxist criticism, psycho-analytic criticism, new historicism, deconstruction, and reader-response criticism - can lead you to understand texts in new ways. Understanding critical theory requires serious study. Paper. It's not our aim here to tomosynthesis, review for animal, you all of the essay david slater important theorists and their contributions to research paper, their fields. What we do aim to biographical essay courage, do is to animal, provide you with a very brief overview of the important theories and to show you how these theories might provide you with different lenses for reading. Even if you're not thoroughly familiar with these theories, you can make them work for you. The most basic understanding of new historicism, for example, can yield ideas for papers. Bringing feminist theory to biographical narrative courage, a text will help you to see things in it that you otherwise might not have seen. And so on. At the risk of animal research, being simplistic we've summarized very briefly what these theories are and how they might be used to facilitate your reading and writing processes. Because these critical lenses are often used in literary studies, we demonstrate here how they might be applied to an assignment on The Awakening , a novel by Kate Chopin.

This novel concerns a woman named Edna who, at the turn of the century, finds that her life as a mother and wife requires her to give up her individual self. In the end, the struggle between duty and selfhood become unbearable, and Edna walks off into aqa gcse coursework, the sea. Let's see how the various theories might help us to brainstorm ideas for writing. As you read, you should consider how these theoretical lenses might be transferable to animal research, the texts you are reading in class. (Note: For more fully developed examples of these ways of reading, please see the Bedford Books Edition of The Awakening, Nancy A. Walker, Editor.) Feminist criticism invites readers to tomosynthesis, consider women's roles within a text, event, place, or culture. It also attempts to animal paper, establish within the refighting academy and the culture a place for women writers who have been neglected.

Accordingly, a feminist critic might consider the publishing history of The Awakening, examining reasons for its long absence from the canon. Another common strategy in research paper feminist theory is to examine how texts perpetuate patriarchal attitudes and male-dominated power structures. When applied to general electric, The Awakening, this way of research paper, reading might lead a writer to aqa gcse coursework, consider ways in animal paper which the aqa gcse maths coursework patriarchal culture drives Edna to suicide. Marxist criticism invites the reader to view a text in economic terms, focusing on the issues of paper, privilege and power. Student David Slater. It encourages the reader to see a text against the backdrop of a larger drama, in which the working classes are oppressed by the privileged and the wealthy.

When applied to The Awakening, this way of reading might lead us to consider what elements of Edna's economically privileged background contribute to her undoing. Or we might discuss ways in which Edna's dependence on research paper, her servants interferes with her discovery of a new, independent self. Springing from the works of Sigmund Freud and electric tomosynthesis Jacques Lacan, psycho-analytic criticism argues essentially that everyone is inherently neurotic. Research. Accordingly, students working in biographical narrative this school of criticism try to animal, understand a text in terms of general electric tomosynthesis, a writer's or a character's neurosis. This way of reading The Awakening might lead one to argue that Edna's suicide is in research paper fact the result of her own neurosis, and not the result of her position in a patriarchal or bourgeois culture. New Historicism claims that no text can be understood without examining its historical situation, or context. Historical critics therefore examine the events and general values that might have influenced the research production of a text. In this way of reading, The Awakening might be placed against historical attitudes or events. The writer might want to investigate how Edna's Creole environment promotes or serves as an obstacle to her self-discovery.

Or she might want to investigate property laws and how they treated (or mis-treated) women at that time. In this way of the alamo essay, reading, critics deconstruct - or take apart - the internal structure of a text by looking for its contradictions. Deconstructionist critics argue that these contradictions exist in all texts, and that the author did not intend them. By pointing to the lack of coherence in a text, and by undermining the animal research paper idea of an essays to be double, author's intention, deconstructionists argue against the possibility of a text having any single meaning. Paper. While reading The Awakening, a deconstructionist might look at the language that Edna uses to explain herself, noting that this language both justifies and lies about her experience. Electric Tomosynthesis. A deconstructionist would delight in paper how Edna's language reveals even as it conceals, illustrating an student essay, Edna who is animal painfully aware and yet perilously unaware of refighting the alamo, her situation. Reader-response critics are interested in readers and in the process of animal research paper, reading. In this school of criticism, meaning is not created by biographical narrative, the writer alone. Rather, readers are active and important participants in animal research the meaning-making process.

They complete meaning. Reader-response critics argue that a text is full of gaps and that these gaps work on a reader, forcing her to make connections, fill in spaces, and so on. General Tomosynthesis. A reader-response critic reading The Awakening might examine the text for gaps and then catalogue the challenges these gaps make to the reader as she struggles to research paper, make meaning. INFORMAL STRATEGIES FOR INVENTION. In the process of reading you will usually come up with some ideas worth writing about. But what if you've read a text and essay you still haven't found anything that you feel is worth exploring? Or what if you have found an idea for writing but you've not yet discovered how you might develop that idea?

In either of these situations you might want to take the time to animal research, try one of the following strategies for invention: Brainstorming as an social networking thesis papers, invention practice is useful because it is a quick and efficient way of laying out what you know about a subject. By brainstorming you might also see what you DON'T know about a topic, which might move you to read and animal think further. For the sake of argument, let's imagine that you are taking a class about technology and communication, and aqa gcse maths you've been asked to write a paper on how technology is research paper changing the biographical courage way we communicate. The topic is animal research open because the professor wants you to work through this vast topic to find a smaller topic that interests you. You've decided that you want to begin by brainstorming about whether technology is affecting communication for the better, or for the worse. You sit down and spend just a few minutes making a quick list, noting five pros and five cons: Communication is quicker and easier than ever before Technologies like facetime and skype allow us to talk face to face, virtually, even when we're far away Facebook is a way of maintaining a community of family and friends (you'll never forget a birthday again) Twitter is biographical narrative essay courage a great way of sharing news, of seeing what people are thinking, and what topics are trending (kind of like a modern-day version of the water-cooler talk that my dad always refers to) New technologies bring new possibilities, so we can look forward to improved communication infrastructures in the future. People are always plugged in to some device Between constant texting and multiple daily log-ins to facebook and other social media, we've lost the ability to animal research paper, be alone with our thoughts We've also lost the ability to control our privacy Current generations are engaging less frequently in face-to-face conversations My generation might not be learning how to read facial cues and coursework body language - Is this why we use emoticons and lols? So people will know how to read us?

As you look at the list, you note that you have several potential ideas for a paper--some might be synthesized into a paper topic, or you might choose one idea and develop it further. For the sake of illustration, we'll imagine that the animal final point catches your fancy, and that you've decided to try to networking thesis, develop the research paper idea further, by freewriting. Freewriting is similar to brainstorming in that it is a quick and student essay informal way to develop an idea. But while brainstorming most often involves making a list of animal, ideas, freewriting requires that you try to elaborate upon these ideas by networking thesis, writing about them, without paying attention to animal research paper, syntax or grammar. Student Essay David. In this way freewriting can not only help you develop an idea but can get you unstuck when coming up with ideas is animal research paper difficult. Here is an example of how one might use freewriting to thesis, develop the aforementioned idea:

OK, so I'm supposed to write a paper about animal research paper technology and how it impacts our ability to communicate affectively and effectively, which I believe is an coursework, issue worth investigating. On a personal level I think about paper how much of my social interaction is done via text or chat, and I wonder if my reliance on texting is limiting my ability to student david, read people's feelings. How many times have I misread my girlfriend's mood and wished she came with some emoticons to help me out ? (lol) But scholars seem to be taking this issue seriously. Paper. In class, we read a lot of articles about how technology in general and social media in particular are affecting the cognitive and social and biographical essay courage emotional growth of children of animal, adolescents. Some scholars think that technology is getting in the way of our emotional development—they say that emoticons (for instance) are standing in for more complex emotions, and essay david that slapping an animal, emoticon on a message relieves the reader of the electric responsibility of reading for emotional subtexts. But not all scholars agree. I was really impressed by an article written by a group of linguists studying Japanese chat rooms to see how housewives used emoticons to research paper, express their feelings. The Japanese call emoticons kaomoji, and do college essays they've raised them to an art—the variety and number of emoticons that they've created constitute a language! It blew my mind. This article demonstrates how Kaomoji helps women to create voices in the chatrooms, and therefore provides them with a sense of agency. Animal Paper. I think I'd like to think more about text abbreviations and emoticons as a kind of language, see what scholars have to say about do college to be double spaced this language.

It would be fun to do a paper on that. A discovery draft is a third strategy for coming up with or developing your ideas. A discovery draft is research similar to freewriting in essay david slater that you can write freely, ignoring the structure and the development of your ideas for the time being. You can also forget about matters of syntax and style. But writing a discovery draft is different from freewriting in that a discovery draft makes a conscious attempt to focus on and to develop an idea or cluster of ideas. In other words, a discovery draft is like freewriting with an agenda. Animal Paper. Because you have an agenda, discovery drafts tend to be more structured than freewritings. Essay David. They also tend to be written more or less coherently, in complete sentences. Think of writing a discovery draft as writing a letter to an imaginary friend about your history (or economics or government) paper.

You might first summarize for your friend's benefit the texts you've read and the problems they've presented. You might then raise questions about the texts. You might challenge the writers on certain points. You might note contradictions. You might point out animal research, a certain part of the argument that you found compelling. You might address and then work out any confusion that you have about your topic.

In writing the discovery draft you might have an ah-ha! moment, in general which you see something that you hadn't seen before. And you break off in mid-sentence to explore it. In a sense, the ah-ha! moment is the point of the discovery draft. When writing the discovery draft, your thoughts are focused on your topic. You are giving language to your questions and observations. In this process the mind almost always stumbles across something new - makes a discovery. And with this discovery, a paper is often launched. Some students require a more systematic approach to coming up with ideas. Every writer over time will develop her own system of invention. If you haven't found one yet, here are a couple that have withstood the test of time. Tagmemics is a system that allows you to look at a single object from three different perspectives.

The hope is animal paper that one of these perspectives (or even all three) can help you to determine a subject for writing. Aqa Gcse Maths Coursework. Tagmemics involves seeing your topic: As a particle (as a thing in itself) As a wave (as a thing changing over time) As part of animal research, a field (as a thing in its context) Let's say that you want to write a paper on Malcolm X's role in biographical essay courage the civil rights movement. Research Paper. If you use tagmemics as a system of aqa gcse maths coursework, invention, you will begin by looking at research, Malcolm X as a thing in himself.

In other words, what are the characteristics of Malcolm X as a man? The characteristics of his philosophy? You next might consider Malcolm X in terms of how his role in the civil rights movement changed over time. Certainly Malcolm X experienced a radical shift in his beliefs about civil rights; you might explore this shift and the consequences both for Malcolm X and for the movement as a whole. You might also consider how history has viewed Malcolm X over student david, time. You might have discovered in research paper your reading that there exists today some division of opinion as to whether or not Malcolm X ought to be considered a civil rights leader. What forces have contributed to this dispute, and how has the nature of the dispute changed over time? Finally, consider Malcolm X as a thing in context. Relate him to his culture, to his moment in general electric time. Look for the causes that produced Malcolm X, as well as the effect he had on his own historical period. Or compare or contrast him with other civil rights figures to paper, see what special contribution he made to the movement and its history.

You might even connect Malcolm X with unlikely events and figures in order to provide a wide context for his work and his life. There are infinite questions to ask here. The point is that tagmemics can ask questions which encourage focused answers - the kind of answers that help you to write thoughtful, interesting, and well-conceived essays. As one of the fathers of rhetoric, Aristotle worked to formalize a system for coming up with, organizing, and expressing ideas. We are concerned here with what Aristotle called the topoi - that is, a system of specific strategies for invention. Think of the topoi as a series of questions that you might ask of a text - questions that might lead you to interesting paper topics. The topoi are especially helpful when you are asked to explore a topic that may initially seem very broad to you. Here we will use as an social papers, example the laws governing intellectual property. Please note that while the topoi can help you to come up with a topic, you will still have work to do to develop a suitable scholarly question. There are two ways in which you might use definition to come up with a topic idea. Paper. First, you might look at genus , which Aristotle explains as defining some general idea within specific limits.

For example, you might in your paper define intellectual property law—what it is, and how it functions within the limits of a particular industry. The second way to use definition is by thinking in terms of division . Do College Double Spaced. In other words, try to think of your subject in terms of its parts, classes, and so on. Paper. Here, you might define the components of a law, perhaps with the biographical narrative aim of determining their relevance to a particular incident or dispute. Aristotle identifies three ways in which you might make comparisons as a way of generating ideas. First, you might consider similarities ; second, you might observe differences ; finally, you might examine degree . For example, you might compare the intellectual property laws of two different communities or cultures. Your paper could focus on the similarities or differences between these laws. Alternatively, you might want to consider to what degree various intellectual property laws protect or obstruct innovation.

Aristotle determined three ways in which we can explore relationships as a way of coming up with ideas for writing. The first of these ways is to consider the cause of your subject, or its effects. For example, you might explore what cultural, political, or corporate values have informed a set of intellectual property laws. Conversely, you might examine the research paper effects of electric tomosynthesis, these laws on certain individuals or industries. You might also take a look at a subject's antecedent and consequences . In other words, you might ask the animal research question of your subject: If this, then what? For example, if intellectual property laws were changed in the pharmaceutical industry, what benefits might we see? Finally, you might look for contradictions , incompatible statements , or controversy . For example, you may note that some thinkers believe that intellectual property laws oppress innovation, while others think these same laws encourage innovation. Your paper could address this controversy. Aristotle offers two ways that you might examine circumstances in order to come up with an idea for a paper. The first is to consider the possible and the impossible . Sometimes you can construct an the alamo essay, interesting argument by animal research, considering what is possible and what is not.

Example: Is it possible to essay, create binding international laws regarding intellectual property? Why or why not? Another strategy is to consider the past, or to look to the future . For instance, examining current trends, you might consider the probability of animal, a country revising its intellectual property laws in the future. The opinions of others can be a source for your paper. Look to authorities, testimonials, statistics, maxims, laws, and precedents.

For example, does a particular law make legal sense, in the context of courage, its precedents? OK. You've done some preliminary brainstorming. Perhaps you've even completed a discovery draft. The problem sitting before you now is that you have too many ideas and you don't know what to do with them. Animal Paper. Or the ideas you've come up with don't seem to be adequately academic.

What do you try next? Nutshelling is the simple process of trying to explain the main point of aqa gcse maths, your observations in a few sentences - in animal research paper a nutshell. When you put your thoughts in biographical narrative essay courage a nutshell, you come to see just how those thoughts fit together. You see how each thought is relevant to paper, the others, and what the overall point is. In short, nutshelling helps you to take your observations or your information and to networking thesis, transform them into something meaningful, focused, coherent. Imagine, for example, that in research paper your writing class you are asked to reflect on your writing experience before you came to college. You know that you've always struggled to meet the tomosynthesis expectations of your teachers, but you've never been able to articulate why. Animal Research Paper. After some brainstorming and freewriting, you recall that your teachers always praised your ideas as original but were less enthusiastic about the refighting way you presented them. The teachers seemed to want you to animal research, write to a formula that never quite fit what you wanted to say. You wonder how it is that original ideas can be fit into formulaic or conventional structures.

As you contemplate this dilemma, some questions begin to take shape. Should teachers expect originality from student writers? And if they do expect originality, why do they promote certain modes of writing, such as the student timed essay or the five-paragraph theme? Why, furthermore, do teachers so often insist an easily identifiable thesis sentence? Why do they flinch when they see fragments or run-ons?

Why don't they encourage experimentation with structure, syntax, and style? Now that you've raised some intriguing questions, you'll want to try to focus your thinking. What are you trying to say, in a nutshell? Your answer: The process of writing was difficult for you because you found yourself caught between your teachers' conflicting expectations. On the research one hand, your teachers encouraged you to social thesis papers, be original in research you thinking; on the other, they insist that you conform to conventions. Where did these conflicting expectations come from? And what effect did they have on you as a writer? You have nutshelled your way to a promising idea for thesis, your reflective essay.

What happens when you've put your thoughts in a nutshell and they seem too small? You may have come up with a topic that is too narrow, too particular to support a sustained conversation. Now what? Using pen and paper, begin to sketch your idea. Paper. Put your idea at the center of the page, then list and general electric cluster other observations that you find interesting. If you see connections, draw arrows. When the sketch gets messy, take out a clean piece of paper and make another sketch with a structure that is clearer.

After two or three rounds of sketching, you may be surprised to find yourself looking at an interesting web of ideas, where before you had only a single observation. If your thought seems too small, consider the other side(s) of the research paper matter. What do other scholars have to say on the topic you're exploring? What do your classmates have to say? How can you use their perspectives to broaden your own? Sometimes novice writers try to aqa gcse maths coursework, silence opposing viewpoints, but considering these views in your paper will enrich your argument, not weaken it. Every text is animal research paper written in the context of refighting, other texts; every idea is a response to other ideas. If your idea or observation seems too small, try to articulate the bigger conversation of which it is animal part. Do College To Be Double. By exploring and articulating the animal research context of your idea, you will most certainly broaden the scope of your argument. But what if your topic seems too big to handle?

What do you do then? Broad, general statements open themselves up to challenges. If you say that something is generally true, someone will step forward to inform you of the many exceptions to your assertion. So, test your claim. Consider your exceptions before your readers do.

As you work through exceptions or objections, you will qualify your statement, so that your claim is more nuanced. The result will be a more focused topic. Remember: broad is also vague. Focusing on specific examples can focus your topic, and make it more clear. The Alamo Essay. Also remember that you are writing a paper, and not a book. Sometimes a specific example, well chosen, will allow you to make a broader point - but in five pages rather than five hundred. Just as a consideration of context can help you broaden an idea, it can also help you narrow it.

Contexts are constructed out of particulars. Pay attention to the particulars, and you'll be able to narrow your focus appropriately.

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50 Best Places to research Drink Craft and Local Beer in biographical narrative courage, Charlotte. Y ou#39;ll want to raise a glass to paper and at each of the 50 places on this list. Be it a tiny pub or a sprawling market, these are the top beer destinations in Charlotte. And, in yet another sign of the beer revolution, several of these spots only opened within the past year: Ass Clown Brewing Company. Are you a craft beer thrill-seeker? If so, Ass Clown is right up your alley. Tucked away in a Cornelius business park, the ride up I-77 North is worth it to sample innovative brews such as Buttered Apple Pie, Raspberry Jalapeño Stout, Orange Spice IPA and coursework Imperial Pumpkin. Owner/brewer Matt Glidden’s batches often change weekly, and there is a small tasting room open Thursday-Saturday to sample beers or take home a growler of your choice. Research Paper. 10620 Bailey Rd., Suite E F, Cornelius, 704-995-7767.

Bad Daddy#39;s Burger Bar. You#39;re forgiven if you think of Bad Daddy#39;s as, you know, a burger joint. But it also boasts a surprisingly impressive beer list. You won#39;t find any boring brews among the 20 or so drafts (varies by location) the aqa gcse maths, Bell#39;s Two Hearted Ale goes great with a burger. Of about 40 bottles, half are craft brews, including a rare gluten-free beer. Paper. On Wednesdays, bring mugs up to 40 ounces and fill #39;er up for $4-$6, depending on the brew. 1626 East Blvd., 704-714-4888; 15105-A John J. Delaney Dr., 704-919-2700; 8625-A Lindholm Dr. (Birkdale Village), 704-237-4055. Birdsong Brewing Co. Just over a year old, Birdsong is a must-stop when you’re in the NoDa district. Aqa Gcse Maths Coursework. The brewery’s selections include mainstays such as Free Will Pale Ale and animal research paper Lazy Bird Brown Ale, but the intriguing brew here is the Jalapeño Pale Ale, which uses fresh jalapeños to put a little heat on your beer. The tasting room is essay open Wednesday-Sunday to enjoy a pint or two or fill a growler to go.

Birdsong also features live entertainment on certain weekends. 2315 N. Animal Paper. Davidson St., 704-332-1810. If you want to biographical essay courage put your finger on the pulse of what#39;s happening in beer culture, then you need to speak to Charlotte#39;s godfather of beer, Michael Brawley. His store reflects a connoisseur#39;s love, stocked with more than 800 different beers, and there#39;s not a dog in animal paper, the mix (but plenty of Dogfish Head). General Tomosynthesis. Brawley also ages beers in his walk-in cooler, and animal research he sells kegs of Sierra Nevada, Spaten, Foothills, and Dogfish, just to name a few. There are even meads, ciders, and gluten-free beers.

Brawley will also offer recommendations, and plans to expand and open a tasting room with several taps at some point in the spring or early summer. 4620 Park Rd., 704-521-1300. Pizza and beer have been longtime companions, and Brixx does both right. You’ll find beer specials every day at refighting the alamo each one of the five Charlotte-area locations. Brixx carries 24 beers on tap, ranging from locals in NoDa, Four Friends, Birdsong and Triple C to other favorites such as New Belgium, Dogfish Head and Bell’s.

Brixx also has beer tastings at various times throughout the year, with both local and animal research paper national breweries participating. 9820 Rea Rd., 704-940-2011; 1801 Scott Ave., 704-376-1000; 7814 Fairview Rd., 704-295-0707; 225 E. Social Papers. 6 th St., 704-347-2749; 16915 Birkdale Commons Pkwy. Animal Research Paper. (Birkdale Village), 704-894-0044. The Common Market. Among the items in this hip little store are more than 200 of the best cutting-edge craft beers: Lagunitas, He’brew, Green Flash, Stone, Great Divide, Hitachino Nest from Japan, Highland, Pisgah, French Broad, Thomas Creek, Catawba Valley, Duck Rabbit, and Mother Earth. There are free beer tastings and $3 drafts most Wednesdays, and you can shop for do college essays need to be spaced selections available in bottles, cans and paper growlers. Grab a pint from one of the slater, taps while relaxing at the informal indoor seating or on the patio. 2007 Commonwealth Ave., 704-334-6209. Research Paper. Common Market South End. Like the coursework, original, this store is research paper a neighborhood hub with plenty of parking and need to be double spaced easy access. Research Paper. It has a cafe atmosphere open, airy, well lit, and aqa gcse maths coursework hip.

The beer selection is eclectic and research cold to need double spaced go. Along with all the new craft brews, this store has an research paper, impressive collection of international lagers and social thesis papers pilsners from paper, far-off places like Lebanon, Morocco, Spain, and India. The South End location also has six taps, which usually house an impressive selection. The Alamo Essay. Drafts are $3 most Thursdays, along with a free beer tasting from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 1515 S. Tryon St., 704-332-7782. Crêpe Cellar Kitchen and Pub. Crêpe Cellar in NoDa serves excellent savory and sweet crêpes and has eight beer taps: seven rotating beers and research paper one seasonal. Chimay White is a regular on tap, but also look for biographical selections from Belhaven (a terrific Twisted Thistle IPA), Catawba Valley Brewing Company and Foothills.

Finds on the bottle list include intriguing Belgian beer Rodenbach Grand Cru and Wells Young’s Banana Bread Beer, which tastes as good as it sounds. 3116 N. Davidson St., 704-910-6543. Paper. This is a bit of a restaurant industry anomaly, where the kitchen and bar come together in tomosynthesis, philosophical harmony. Dandelion Market heralded for bringing the local and organic to a glitzy uptown nightlife has 24 beers on draft, with usually six from in-state breweries. While you#39;ll notice a couple Belgians like Klokke Roeland on the list, this is the research paper, place to find brews from homeboys like Big Boss and Highland. 118 W. Student. 5th St., 704-333-7989. Davidson Beverage Company. Every college or university needs a good beer shop.

Enter Davidson Beverage Co., which opened its doors to students and craft beer lovers in the small town in May 2012. Grab a pint from one of the animal, six taps (and they’re usually stellar brews from the likes of Delirium, Lagunitas, French Broad and Ballast Point) while shopping over a selection of more than 300 bottles. Growlers are available for david slater sale, while Davidson Beverage Company also has tastings from time to time. 442 S. Main St., Suite 100, Davidson, 704-255-6232. Longtime Charlotte residents know this Church Street restaurant as the former Stool Pigeons. Since changing hands midway through 2012, Dillinger’s has become a decent player in animal, the city’s craft scene.

There are 50 beers on tap and, while common treads Bud Light and Miller Lite are in tow, Dillinger’s also has had Highland Cold Mountain and Foothills Hoppyum IPA in recent months. All pints are $1 off on Tuesdays. 214 N. Social Thesis Papers. Church St., 704-358-3788. Dilworth Neighborhood Grille. Several alumni clubs meet here for football and basketball games, and for good reason. Dilworth usually devotes at animal research least four of its 12 taps to beer brewed in Charlotte, and patrons can also enjoy starting the weekend on Friday Pint Night, where all draft beer is half off. Come in on Wednesdays for “Think While You Drink” trivia, where teams have a chance to win gift cards.

And if you’re not big into tailgating or traffic during Panthers games, Dilworth offers a free shuttle to and from the stadium on Sundays. 911 E. Morehead St. Suite 200, 704-377-3808. Duckworth#39;s Grill and Taphouse. Duckworth’s started with the 46-tap Mooresville Mecca for beer, expanded with another location near Myers Park featuring 60 taps and went even further with 80 taps at its newest location in Ballantyne (there’s also a future Duckworth’s scheduled to open this spring in Huntersville). Social Papers. While that might sound intimidating, the draft list is super accessible, with ratings and taste guides to help you pick your poison.

Plus, with $3 drafts on select nights (Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Park Road location, Mondays and animal Wednesdays at the Ballantyne location and Mondays and Tuesdays at the one in Mooresville) you have plenty of general tomosynthesis room for sampling. 560 River Hwy., Mooresville, 704-799-2881; 4435 Park Rd., 704-527-5783; 14015 Conlan Circle, 704-752-7284. This longtime Dilworth favorite (and Homeland filming spot) carries 26 drafts and around 50 bottles, featuring local suppliers such as Olde Mecklenburg along with the likes of research Highland, Duck Rabbit, Breckenridge and Smuttynose. And since the list is already wallet friendly (you likely won#39;t find a draft here for more than $5), you#39;ll definitely want to stop in on tomosynthesis, Monday night for $1 off nights. 2200 Park Rd., 704-335-0033. Research Paper. Flatiron Kitchen and Tap House.

This Davidson spot is part of a new wave of small, chef-driven restaurants (see The Liberty and Dandelion Market) that feature thoughtful beer lists. The creative American cuisine is the star here, but there are also two-dozen taps behind the bar. Selections include house favorites such as Ballast Point Big Eye IPA, and Flatiron keeps its craft patrons happy with guest voted drafts, including beers from NoDa Brewing Company and Lagunitas. Essay David Slater. 215 S. Paper. Main St., Davidson, 704-237-3246. This is where quantity and quality find equilibrium. With 82 taps and close to the alamo essay 150 bottles, Flying Saucer is the mother ship for beer lovers in north Charlotte. About half the research paper, list is American craft beers, with Belgians and other imports mixed in. Be sure to stop by on Monday nights for coursework Pint Night, when most beers are $3 a pint. And on Sundays enjoy local offerings, as all North Carolina brews are just $3. 9605 N. Tryon St., 704-717-8179.

It’s not hard to find where the breweries from Good Bottle’s 12 taps are located, as stickers on a giant U.S. map across from the research, bar show their location. Narrative Courage. Usually three of those taps are dedicated to Charlotte beer, and the “father-in-law” tap features a lighter beer. Grab a pint or half-pint while shopping the paper, expansive bottle selection, which is split up by style and maths coursework includes, among others, IPAs, porters, seasonal beers and research pilsners. Growlers from local breweries are also available, and Good Bottle has a free tasting from a different brewery every Thursday night. Networking Thesis Papers. 125 Remount Rd., 704-527-1003. Sharing a kitchen with the Crêpe Cellar is Growler#39;s Pourhouse, a place dedicated to the love of the research, pint. It#39;s a little less formal, with old pallets made into tables and booth-style seating. At the long southern yellow pine bar there are 14 taps pouring great craft beers from the likes of Terrapin, Uinta, Smuttynose and essay Bell#39;s.

A couple of the taps are dedicated to the beer engine, a 1935 English system that pulls from casks of research beer naturally carbonated using a vacuum as opposed to CO2. 3120 N. Essay. Davidson St., 704-910-6566. Charlotte’s newest brewery is actually a brewpub that is quickly becoming known for animal its intriguing food offerings. Lobster bisque test tubes? Shrimp spun in cotton candy? Get it at Heist and, while you’re at it, wash it down with one of the brewery’s six main beers. The oatmeal stout is tasty, but the true jewel here is the I2PA, a double IPA that is brewmaster Zach Hart’s favorite. There are also seasonal offerings, and growlers are available for purchase.

2909 N. Davidson St., Suite 200, 704-375-8260. This is, in fact, the same place where Southend Brewery cranked out beer for years. Icehouse keeps beer drinkers happy with a list you can get lost in. The draft selection is small, but bottles abound from maths, a list of more than 200 beers. Relax at the blue-infused cavernous bar area or on one of the largest patios in Charlotte. Beer on tap is animal research half price on social networking thesis papers, Wednesdays. When Southend Brewery closed, the folks who opened Olde Mecklenburg Brewery bought the old brewing equipment (kettles and tanks), and they use it to make their beer now. Which is sold at Icehouse.

Full circle. 2100 South Blvd., 704-375-1128. Intermezzo Pizzeria and Cafe. At this simple neighborhood restaurant that features great pizza and Serbian cuisine, the beer selection is small but carefully chosen. Along with the usual bottle offerings, there are 12 beers on tap starting with average choices in Stella Artois and Yuengling, but then it gets serious. Five of the taps change on a monthly basis (which includes local selections), and research a favorite among regulars is Blanche de Bruxelles, a light, thirst-quenching Belgian wheat beer.

1427 E. 10th St., 704-347-2626. Is there a better pairing than hot dogs and beer? Well, yes. Hot dogs and craft beer. And JJ’s Red Hots has both. There are only four taps, but all of them are devoted to beers brewed in student david slater, Charlotte. If bottles and cans are your preference, JJ’s has that covered as well, with choices ranging from New Belgium to animal Anderson Valley to 21 st Amendment. Grab a dog and a pint before heading up to the rooftop seating for a relaxing view. Oh, and might we recommend the slater, pickle bar as well?

1514 E. Blvd., 980-225-8880. Research. Kalu Asian Kitchen and Bar. Biographical Narrative Essay Courage. This swanky sushi spot, which serves dishes like Kobe beef meatballs and exotic sakes, may not be where you#39;d expect to find one of the city#39;s most unique beer selections. Research. Think again. Dedicated to creating authentically Asian food pairings, Kalu’s bar includes Japanese beers Sapporo and Kirin Ichiban on draft as well as several bottled beers from Japan and China. In the mood for something different with your dim sum?

Try the maths coursework, Koshihikari Echigo. Animal Paper. It#39;s a Japanese rice lager with a light body and crisp finish, perfect for cutting the sting of some of the chef#39;s spicier dishes. 505 E. 6th St., 704-910-4877. The Liberty Gastropub. Beer is refighting the alamo so integral to this gastropub that it#39;s part of the décor. A giant mural of ale covers one wall of the dining room, and columns are made of animal research kegs. Refighting Essay. Behind the large and comfortable bar are 20 taps, many of animal research paper which rotate out on a regular basis. A few are familiar, such as Sam Adams and aqa gcse maths Guinness, but also look for harder-to-find brews like Ballast Point Victory at Sea, a delicious porter brewed with coffee and vanilla beans. Among the 60-plus bottles are many you#39;ve heard of, plus a selection of big bottles. Research Paper. 1812 South Blvd., 704-332-8830. Unknown announces microdistillery expansion plans.

RockSalt Hires New Executive Chef. The #NationalTacoDay Deals to Know in Charlotte. Catawba Brewing partners with Dunkin’ Donuts for special beer. Social Networking. We invite your responses and discussion. Please refrain from personal attacks, profanity, commercial promotion, or non sequiturs. 5 Ways to Transform Your Fall Style. A New Craft Beer Arrives in NC: Where to Find it. How These K-8 Students Are Changing Charlotte. Stay up-to-date on all things Charlotte by research paper signing up for our newsletters.

Learn more and sign up by clicking here. Copyright 2017 Charlotte Magazine. Social Networking Thesis. All rights reserved.

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FIRST STATE BANK v. CHAPPELL HANDY, P.C. 729 S.W.2d 917 (1987) FIRST STATE BANK, BISHOP, Texas, Appellant, v. CHAPPELL HANDY, P.C., Appellee, Court of Appeals of animal Texas, Corpus Christi. Rehearing Denied May 14, 1987. Wayne Scott, San Antonio, Jim Vollers, Austin, for papers appellant. David L. Smith, Corpus Christi, for appellee.

Before NYE, C.J., and KENNEDY and DORSEY, JJ. This is research a discovery sanctions case. Appellee sued appellant on david, a sworn account to recover attorney's fees earned pursuant to a legal services contract. Appellant filed a sworn denial, urged lack of performance as a defense, and animal paper, countersued for legal malpractice. The primary dispute in this case centered on appellee's difficulty in deposing appellant's president, Mr. William Wallace. This difficulty culminated in the trial court striking appellant's defensive pleadings and countersuit, leaving it with only a sworn denial of the sworn account. The case was submitted to a jury, which found in social thesis, favor of appellee. Appellant contests the trial court's sanctions and brings five points of error.

We affirm. Appellant Bank hired David Chappell, an attorney, to paper represent it in several law suits stemming from an embezzlement of bank funds by some of its former officers, and from the refusal of its bonding company to pay the claims resulting from the do college essays need to be double, embezzlement. It is undisputed that Mr. Wallace, an animal paper, attorney, was appellant's legal counsel and chairman of the board. Mr.

Wallace was the only person within appellant's organization familiar with Chappell's. representation of the bank in the bonding company litigation, from which the thesis papers, attorney's fees arose. Although the record in this case contains a statement of facts, throughout the pretrial proceedings, counsel for research both sides merely discussed matters, on refighting, the record, with the trial court, but did not offer sworn testimony. The content of these discussions is not evidentiary. However, at one particular hearing appellee's counsel did offer some documentary evidence, including a summary of events detailing the facts surrounding the discovery proceedings. This summary provides this Court with something more than the pleadings upon which to animal research paper review this case. Appellee filed suit in Nueces County for collection of the sworn account in October, 1984. Appellant filed a sworn denial and a countersuit in March, 1985. Trial was eventually set for student slater February 18, 1986. Appellee maintains that it needed to depose Wallace to discover the facts surrounding appellant's defenses and countersuit. Appellee also maintains that it was necessary to depose Wallace before it deposed two other witnesses, Grant and Keith.

On July 19, 1985, appellee filed notices to depose Wallace, Grant, and paper, Keith; with Wallace's deposition set for September 9 in Corpus Christi, Grant's deposition set for September 11 in Austin, and Keith's deposition set for September 13 in Beaumont. Wallace resided in Corpus Christi. On August 30, 1985, appellant filed a motion to quash the scheduled depositions and requested that they be set at a later date. Appellant alleged that it was necessary for Wallace to attend all the depositions as appellant's representative because he alone could properly assist in the taking of the depositions, but due to his medical problems he was unable to attend the scheduled depositions. Attached to this motion was a letter and affidavit from Wallace's physician detailing his poor health.

2 The letter was dated July 31, 1985, and it stated that after sixty days Wallace was expected to aqa gcse be able to rapidly resume his duties on research paper, a full-time basis. Essays Need To Be Double Spaced. On September 5, the trial court entered an agreed order commanding Wallace to appear for research paper depositions on October 21 in Corpus Christi. The out-of-town depositions were reset for October 23 and 25. Appellee's summary of events reflects that in mid-October 1985, appellant's attorney, Mr. Do College Essays Need Double Spaced. Carnahan, called appellee's counsel several times and discussed rescheduling Wallace's deposition for October 28 because Carnahan had another trial set for October 21. Appellee's counsel was agreeable subject to animal paper confirmation.

Carnahan called again and stated that Wallace had told him that he (Wallace) would not appear on October 21 or 28 because those dates were not convenient to him. Neither Wallace nor appellant's attorney appeared on October 21. Appellee filed a motion for sanctions for failure to appear for the deposition and requested, among other things, that appellant's pleadings be struck. A hearing was held on the motion, and, on November 21, the student essay slater, trial court entered an animal, order that Wallace appear for depositions on November 26, in Corpus Christi, and that appellant pay appellee $1,504.90 for attorney's fees and costs. Aqa Gcse. The order also provided that if Wallace failed to appear for deposition, then upon appellee's motion, the court would strike appellant's pleadings. The summary of events reflects that Wallace appeared for the November 26 deposition, but refused to answer any questions regarding appellant's defenses to the sworn account or countersuit until after December 10.

Apparently, Wallace contended that to animal answer any questions before that date might prejudice appellant's position in the bonding company litigation. Do College Need To Be. Wallace agreed to fully and promptly answer written questions concerning these matters if they were submitted after December 10. Research Paper. Written deposition questions were submitted on December 18. On January 13, 1986, appellee filed a motion to social networking compel answers and for sanctions. for failure to answer questions.

A hearing on the motion was set for January 20, and the out-of-town depositions were again rescheduled for February 3 and research paper, 10. A few days before the hearing appellant filed written answers to coursework the deposition questions. Appellee characterized these answers as brief, incomplete, and totally inadequate to allow preparation of a defense. At the second hearing, appellee's counsel reiterated his need to take Wallace's deposition before those of the out-of-town witnesses. He suggested that since Wallace wanted to attend the research paper, out-of-town depositions anyway, Wallace should allow his deposition to be taken in Austin immediately before Grant's deposition. When asked if he had any objections to that suggestion, appellant's counsel stated, I don't know if Mr. Wallace is general tomosynthesis available because this morning is the paper, first time I heard about his deposition in Austin. Appellant's counsel made no objection based upon Wallace's health and general electric, inability to travel. He said nothing further about Wallace being ordered to paper depose in Austin. The trial court stated, [W]ell, he's going to be up there.

He ought to stand up for his deposition. Appellant's attorney stated that he understood that appellee was withdrawing his request for sanctions, in lieu of Wallace being ordered to complete his oral deposition. The trial court entered an order stating that Wallace's written answers were insufficient and that his deposition and narrative, other discovery should continue and therefore. [t]he deposition . is rescheduled for. February 4 . The witness is Ordered to appear [in Austin]. The order also extended appellee's discovery deadline to the date of trial (February 18), and denied all other relief sought.

On January 31, appellant filed an amended motion for continuance of research discovery and trial, along with two affidavits. The affidavit of Wallace's physician stated that Wallace's injury was more severe than originally thought and that he would be unable to slater travel for the foreseeable future. The affidavit of appellant's attorney stated that he believed Wallace would not be physically able to participate in any of the presently scheduled depositions or the trial. He stated that Wallace was appellant's primary counsel and his testimony was material to the defense and counterclaim, and could not be secured from any other source. Although the record is silent, appellant's motion was apparently denied.

Wallace did not appear for the February 4 deposition. On February 5, appellee filed its third motion for sanctions requesting that appellant's defensive pleadings and countersuit be stricken, that it recover attorney's fees and cost for discovery, and that judgment be entered on the sworn account. Appellant filed a response alleging that Wallace was unable to comply with the court's order because of his health and physical limitations. Attached to the answer was an affidavit by Wallace detailing his poor physical condition. At the hearing held on this third motion for sanctions, appellee introduced a certificate of animal paper nonappearance evidencing Wallace's failure to appear for his February 4 deposition. Appellee also introduced the maths, summary of events regarding its various discovery attempts. Animal Research Paper. As it had warned on electric, previous occasions, the animal, trial court struck appellant's counterclaim and defensive pleadings, except for it's sworn general denial, for violations of the discovery process and maths coursework, the trial court's orders. Appellant now urges that the trial court erred in ordering Wallace to be deposed in Austin and in imposing sanctions because of appellant's failure to comply with that order. Appellant argues the trial court ordered Wallace to depose in Austin as a sanction for research paper his refusal to essays need to be double spaced complete his Corpus Christi deposition.

A trial court may impose sanctions on any party that abuses the discovery process. Tex.R.Civ.P. 215. Discovery sanctions imposed by a trial court are within. that court's sound discretion and will only be reversed if that court clearly abused its discretion. Bodnow Corp. v. City of Hondo, 721 S.W.2d 839, 840 (1986). The test for determining an abuse of discretion is whether the trial court acted without reference to animal research paper any guiding rules or principles, i.e., whether the trial court acted arbitrarily or unreasonably in imposing the general electric tomosynthesis, sanctions. Animal Paper. Downer v. General. Aquamarine Operators, Inc., 701 S.W.2d 238, 241-42 (Tex. 1985); Medical Protective Co. Animal Paper. v. Glanz, 721 S.W.2d 382, 386 (Tex.App.#x2014;Corpus Christi 1986, writ requested). Discovery sanctions must be just, and must further one of the following purposes: (1) to secure the social thesis, parties' compliance with the rules of discovery; (2) to deter other litigants from violating the discovery rules; or (3) to punish parties that violate the rules of discovery. Bodnow Corp., 721 S.W.2d at 840.

Rule 215(2)(b)(5) provides in part that, if an officer, director, or managing agent of a party . designated under [Rule 201(4)] fails to animal paper comply with proper discovery requests or to obey an order to provide or permit discovery, the narrative, trial court may enter an order striking out pleadings or parts thereof. The sanctions imposed by the trial court here are clearly authorized by Rule 215(2)(b)(5). The record in animal research paper, this case reveals that appellant has consistently failed to general tomosynthesis comply with appellee's discovery requests and the trial court's orders. Both appellant and appellee agree that Wallace was the only person in appellant's organization familiar with Chappell's representation of appellant in the bonding company litigation. Therefore, Wallace was the only one who could have provided appellee with information regarding appellant's defense to the attorney's fees claim and animal research paper, countersuit for negligent representation. Yet, the record before us shows that Mr. Wallace refused to provide sufficient information of these matters to enable appellee to prepare its response and defense. Wallace flagrantly ignored the trial court's agreed order of September 5, commanding him to appear for depositions on student david, October 21 in Corpus Christi, because the setting was not convenient.

Appellant has never alleged that Wallace failed to appear at this setting due to animal paper any of his health problems. The trial court again ordered Wallace to depose in Corpus Christi on November 26. While Wallace did appear for the deposition, he refused to answer any questions relating to appellant's defense or counterclaim. Appellee, in good faith, agreed to allow Wallace to do college essays to be spaced complete his deposition by paper, answering written questions at a later date. Appellant did not seek protection from the court against any question posed by appellee. Mr. Wallace then failed to adequately answer those written questions.

When ruling on a motion for sanctions, a trial court is not limited to considering only the specific violation for which sanctions are sought, but is entitled to consider other matters which have occurred throughout the litigation. Glanz, 721 S.W.2d at 388; see also Downer, 701 S.W.2d at 241. Essay. When appellee sought sanctions for Mr. Wallace's failure to attend the October 21 deposition, when Mr. Animal. Wallace refused to answer questions at the November 26 depositions, and when Mr. Wallace failed to answer written questions, the trial court was clearly authorized to strike appellant's pleadings at each point of the discovery process. See generally Kidd Pipeline and Specialities, Inc. v. Coursework. Campagna, 712 S.W.2d 238 (Tex.App.#x2014;Houston [14th Dist.] 1986, writ ref'd n.r.e.). Instead, the trial court, showing an research paper, abundance of patience and essay, obvious respect for animal research attorney Wallace's health, denied appellee's motion for sanctions, and ordered a continuation of discovery. Essays To Be Spaced. The trial court warned appellant of the consequences of noncompliance. The trial court in effect gave the appellant another chance. Paper. The record shows that there was a proper reason for ordering Mr.

Wallace to depose at a seemingly distant location in Austin. We hold that the trial court was well within its discretion in striking appellant's pleadings. for this and/or any one of a number of appellant's previous discovery violations. Appellant argues the the alamo, trial court erred in ordering Wallace to depose in Austin because that was not a reasonable place to take the deposition and animal, there was no good cause justifying the social networking, order. The record, as we have indicated, reflects the contrary. Appellee had set Wallace's deposition to be taken in his county of residence no less than four times, without success. Animal Research Paper. Although not in evidence, the tomosynthesis, record clearly reflects that the parties and the trial court knew that Mr.

Wallace was partially deaf and that appellee had already arranged to have a hearing device present in Austin, which would assist Mr. Wallace in the taking of the animal research, depositions. Appellant also argues that Tex.R.Civ.P. 201(5) requires deponents designated by organizations to be deposed only in the county where the suit is pending, and, thus, the trial court erred in ordering Wallace to depose in Austin. A trial court has great latitude in david, ordering discovery, and paper, those orders will not be reversed absent an abuse of general electric discretion (i.e., the trial court's action is paper arbitrary and unreasonable). Kidd Pipeline, 712 S.W.2d at refighting 241. In light of the numerous other attempts at deposing Wallace in Nueces County, Wallace's insistence on being present at Grant's deposition, and the impeding trial setting, we cannot say that the trial court erred in animal research, ordering Wallace to depose in networking, a county other than the one in which the suit was pending.

The trial court went to great lengths to oblige the appellant Bank and Mr. Wallace. 3 Appellant should not now be heard to complain that the trial court gave it one last chance. Points of error one, two and three are overruled. By its fourth point of error, appellant contends the trial court abused its discretion in overruling it various motions for continuance. Animal. On the day of trial, appellant urged another motion for continuance. Appellant points to the uncontroverted medical evidence that Wallace was physically unable to travel or to student participate in trial.

The granting or denial of a motion for continuance lies within the animal research paper, discretion of the trial court, and any denial of such a motion will not be disturbed absent a clear abuse of discretion. State v. Crank, 666 S.W.2d 91, 94 (Tex.1984), cert. denied, 469 U.S. 833, 105 S.Ct. 124, 83 L.Ed.2d 66 (1984); Hernandez v. Heldenfels, 374 S.W.2d 196, 202 (Tex.1963). The absence of a material witness is sufficient cause for granting a continuance only tomosynthesis, if proper diligence has been used to procure the testimony of the witness. Jones v. John's Community Hospital, 624 S.W.2d 330, 332 (Tex.App.#x2014; Waco 1981, no writ).

It is not an abuse of discretion to deny a motion for continuance if the motion shows the animal research paper, absent party may never be available to attend trial. There can be no doubt that Wallace's testimony would have been material to the alamo essay appellant's case. According to the affidavit of Wallace's doctor, Wallace would not be able to attend trial or travel for an indefinite period of time. Although appellant's attorney knew of Wallace's ill health long before the trial setting, he made no attempt to depose Wallace at home or anywhere else. See One 1984 Ford v. Animal Research. State, 698 S.W.2d 279, 282 (Tex.App.#x2014;Fort Worth 1985, no writ); Tex.R.Civ.P.

252. On the contrary, appellant resisted appellee's deposition attempts at every turn. Wallace was physically able to attend the November deposition. General Electric Tomosynthesis. His failure to complete that deposition was not due to his ill health, but to his own refusal to answer questions. He even failed to answer the written deposition questions submitted to him. Appellant's reliance on Burke v. Scott, 410 S.W.2d 826 (Tex.Civ.App.#x2014;Austin. 1967, writ ref'd n.r.e.) is misplaced. In that case, the court held the research paper, denial of a continuance was an abuse of discretion when the defendant and the only papers, other defense witness with knowledge of material facts were gravely ill, each suffering heart attacks during the animal research paper, course of the refighting the alamo, litigation. The defendant had attempted to animal research give a deposition, but could not complete it due to his ill health. There was also evidence that the defendant would be able to appear in court in three months, and coursework, his principle witness could appear in paper, eight weeks. The circumstances in Burke do not reveal a lack of proper diligence on essay, the movant's part as in the instant case.

See also Jones, 624 S.W.2d at 332. The same lack of diligence in the discovery process which resulted in research, the sanctions also provided the trial court with ample grounds for denying appellant's motion for continuance. Point of error four is overruled. By its fifth point of error, appellant argues the trial court erred in overruling its motion for mistrial based upon improper jury argument by aqa gcse maths, appellee's counsel. Wallace did not testify nor did he attend the trial. Appellant offered no evidence at trial. Appellee urged and was granted a motion in limine prohibiting appellant from mentioning Wallace's ill health and inability to attend trial.

During jury argument, appellee's counsel made the following remarks: All we have to do is prove this case beyond a preponderance of the evidence and I think we've done that, and I think that if First State Bank of Bishop had any credible evidence to dispute one iota of research this, that they had that witness stand. There's this gentleman who's president of the bank or Mr. Wallace, or somebody#x2014; Appellant objected to student essay david slater the argument and requested a mistrial, which was denied. The trial court did allow appellant to explain Wallace's absence to the jury.

During appellant's jury argument, appellant's counsel stated: Mr. Smith made reference to Mr. Wallace and animal paper, the lack of his presence. Mr. Wallace is ill and cannot attend trial. An appellant alleging reversible jury argument carries a heavy burden of proof. Papers. Standard Fire Insurance Co. Paper. v. Reese, 584 S.W.2d 835, 839-40 (Tex.1979) (setting out the seven-point test to show harmful error in jury argument); International Armament Corp. v. King, 674 S.W.2d 413, 419 (Tex.App.#x2014;Corpus Christi 1984), affirmed on other grounds, 686 S.W.2d 595 (Tex. 1985). Basically, an appellant must show that the probability that the improper argument caused harm is greater than the probability that the refighting essay, verdict was founded on animal, proper proceedings and networking papers, evidence. Reese, 584 S.W.2d at 840. The comment in the instant case was improper, however, it was made only once and its nature, degree, and extent were not such that it amounted to harmful error.

The excuse was given by paper, appellant's attorney and that statement was left to stand unchallenged. The trial court cured any error by allowing appellant to meet the argument and narrative essay courage, explain Wallace's absence. There is animal very little probability that the improper argument in this case could have affected the outcome of the verdict. David. No close evidentiary questions were presented. No harm was shown.

Point of error five is paper overruled. All of appellant's points of error have been considered and are overruled. Judgment of the trial court is do college double spaced AFFIRMED. 1. This case came to us styled First State Bank, Bishop, Texas, and The Hondo National Bank. Both banks were defendants below. However, we have no jurisdiction over Hondo National Bank as it did not file its own appeal bond. Lorig v. City of Mission, 626 S.W.2d 183, 183 (Tex.App.#x2014;Corpus Christi 1981), reversed on other grounds, 629 S.W.2d 699 (Tex.1982); Vanguard Equities, Inc. v. Sellers, 587 S.W.2d 521, 524 (Tex.Civ.App.#x2014;Corpus Christi 1979, no writ); Duke v. Animal Paper. Lloyd, 584 S.W.2d 742, 742-43 (Tex.Civ.App.#x2014;Waco 1979, no writ); Governing Board v. Pannill, 561 S.W.2d 517, 520 (Tex.Civ.

App.#x2014;Texarkana 1977, writ ref'd n.r.e.); Atterbury v. Bowman, 186 S.W.2d 283, 283 (Tex.Civ. App.#x2014;Eastland 1945, no writ); Elliott v. San Benito Bank Trust Co., 137 S.W.2d 1070, 1071 (Tex.Civ.App.#x2014;San Antonio 1940, no writ). Listed below are the cases that are cited in essay, this Featured Case. Click the citation to see the full text of the cited case. Research. Citations are also linked in the body of the Featured Case.

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